Hacking Your Way to Cheap Air Tickets

So when looking for a flight from Delhi to Mumbai, make use of these simple hacks and you never know, you might save some bucks for that dress you wanted to buy since long? Take a look.

1. Timing Matters

While booking a ticket for your next sojourn, make sure that you are doing that at the right time. This does not mean doing that exactly a day before, unless it’s an emergency. For domestic flights a minimum 47 days prior time should be the ideal time to book your tickets. For international travel, it all depends on the destination and should be booked pretty much in advance. Try and keep your dates flexible and go for the 5/7 dates for amazing price deals.

2. Over excitement kills the joy!

Don’t get carried away by the fantasies and dreams of your next travel destination and book your tickets 6 months in advance. That could end up in a loss situation. According to experts, booking a ticket six months in advance can end you up paying 19% higher rates. Beware!

3. Avoid same place entry and exit

There was a time when a round trip ticket into and out of the same city was the cheapest bet for a traveller. Not anymore! It is suggested to make your entry from one city and your departure from another. This has been proven effective and way cheaper.

4. One way is the way!

Instead of buying a round trip ticket, buy two one-way tickets, and, well, you are welcome! See the difference for yourself!

5. Chuck the Cookies

Make sure while booking air tickets, you clear the cookies and cache off of your PC. It is advised so because airlines in general track your behavior and IP address online and for the tickets that are searched frequently, prices tend to shoot up pretty much. Another easy tip is to go Incognito or Private Browsing which doesn’t leave any history of your browsing, supposedly!

6. Go local

This is particularly for booking international flight tickets. While doing so, it is suggested to buy them in the local currency, instead of buying them at a converted rate which tends to be expensive. Going local could save you, maybe, some grands!

7. Expensive flights to the rescue

This might sound ridiculous, but opting for an expensive flight that offers you baggage and meals within are actually cheaper than the self-proclaimed “budget flights.” For instance, you are looking for a Delhi to Gorakhpur flight, then instead of vouching for the cheap deals, go for the bit pricey ones, because these just appear hefty. In actuality these are reasonable deals.

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