Hidden Ways You Are Probably Losing Money

hidden ways losing moneyIt’s inevitable to spend money. Although many of us say money is not important, there comes a moment when we just have to admit it actually is. Money we spend for our daily needs are indeed a major factor for the lowering of our budget every month. But what is more interesting, and in fact very, very disturbing, is the fact that there are many other things we pay for without realizing and many hidden ways we lose money. It’s not just bills, food, fuel and housing what we pay for. There is a list of hidden sneaky ways we say goodbye to the money flying out of our pockets.


The majority of smartphone-users around the world seem to incorrectly chose their mobile wireless plans, which results in lost money every month. What it’s recommended to do is to treat your smartphone as your bank account. Follow the minutes you use to call or surf the Internet. Then chose the suitable for you plan in order to save money that you might be throwing away.

Monthly Bills

There are hidden charges that estimated per year actually cost you a lot. These charges are usually either small increases of your bills that are not even stated, or charges taken away from your personal account after cancelling an order. There are also paper or digital statements that charge customers. Make sure you track your monthly statements.


While some people think that driving slowly and trying to squeeze every drop of their gas tank saves them money, this actually does exactly the opposite. What happens in reality is the empty space in your tank is replaced by condensed water which damages your engine. Therefore, in case you really want to drive efficiently, keep at least a quarter of your tank full all the time. You should also keep more in the winter.

Ignored Discounts

There are plenty of ways to buy discount products – from online purchasing, to spending just a bit more time in the shop comparing prices and finding time to print coupons that we always forget to print – there are many ways we can help ourselves to save a bit of money every month. There are also loyalty programs that you can sign up for, many of them even being free.

Throwing Away Food

Regulating your food consumption is important in order to save money you usually lose when throwing away food. Try and be economical by not buying more food than your family consumes and also by using leftovers rather than disposing them. Think of the food you throw away as money in the trash bin.

Buying Equipment You’ll Use Once

Instead of buying equipment that you will probably never use again, it’s much more reasonable to rent it.

Lost Credit Card Rewards

Keep an eye on points or rewards you get when using your credit card. Use them within the given time and you’ll save money.

Wind Isolation

It’s essential to isolate your house properly. Wind that enters through windows and doors that are not well-isolated costs you money. It’s better to invest in good isolation than constantly pay more to heat your place and thus lose a lot of money all the time.

There are hidden ways we lose money without realizing it. It’s time to stop and think about these little things that take our money away and avoid this happening from now on.

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