Home Broadband Options With or Without TV and Phone

You may feel that keeping all of your related services (broadband, TV and phone) separate will afford you the best broadband savings and TV package choices. After all, you could play each provider against the other in terms of price and options, and this could win you some long term savings. Possibly! However, the sheer time and irritation involved in navigating and comparing the myriad of offers available could land you with a huge long term migraine. Many broadband providers bundle options together in such a clever way that it is difficult to work out the value of each separate service.

Why Combine all Three Services?

Let’s face it, not as many people use their home telephone much anymore except for emergencies and many will not even know their home phone number. But ADSL broadband connections need a phone line to work since the internet is delivered via the telephone line. So, service providers regularly offer free evening and weekend calls to attract new broadband customers although dangling this carrot is becoming less attractive as most internet providers with a phone service do exactly the same. You will find that many broadband providers offer anytime free calls with their combination plans and getting the best broadband and phone TV deals could save you a pretty packet. The other benefit of choosing one of the many broadband and phone TV deals, is that if or when you experience any problems, you have the convenience of one contact point for all three services rather than ferrying between companies and on-hold telephone loop music.

Is Fibre the Same as Broadband?

Broadband internet merely refers to the fact that, unlike dial-up, there is a constant connection to the internet and the bandwidth tends to be wider allowing for the transmission and reception of more data. It does not refer to speed or how the internet connection arrives at your premises and most broadband connections still use copper telephone cables (ADSL). Because ADSL broadband uses the same wires as your telephone line, a micro-filter must be used to separate the internet connection from voice data. This is the little box that you get with your service that plugs into the telephone socket before plugging in the phone. Fibre optic or cable broadband uses fibre optic cables to transmit data and allows for much faster speeds and less signal deterioration as a result of distance from an exchange. HD and 45k streaming are best enjoyed across a fibre broadband connection. So, it remains that a basic broadband connection is actually an ADSL connection (copper telephone wires) and cable broadband uses fibre-optic cable, with no need for a micro-filter.


How to Find the Best Broadband and Phone TV Deals

You could scour the internet and compare broadband, TV and home phone deals independently, but that could become tiresome as you will need to visit the websites of each independent service provider to get current broadband, phone and TV prices. It would be much wiser and frugal to limit your search to reputable broadband comparison websites, since they are likely to have access to the best deals in the market and have direct access to current promotions from all of the major providers. These websites are often able to compare prices based on broadband speeds and price. They can also reveal whether an unlimited broadband service is truly unlimited, or whether it has data caps or restrictive fair usage policies.

Can I Get Broadband for £20 a Month?

According to Broadbandchoices.co.uk, you can find speeds of up to 38MB for less than £20 with Sky, Talktalk, Vodafone and the Post Office. Although this price only offers a pay-as-you-go home phone service, it offers fantastic value for money. Broadband, phone and TV prices start from under £19 a month while faster fibre deals can be found from around £25 a month for speeds of up to 38MB. The best broadband comparison sites show visitors offers based upon what is available in their postcode. Simply enter your postcode in a search box and the system returns all of the offers currently available in your area. Many service providers offer services with no set-up or connection charges while others have contracts as short as 1 month. There has never been a better time to compare, choose or switch.

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