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When the nurse rolled me back to go in for pre-op I knew my life would be changed forever. Tears strung down my eyes as my arms were being tied to the arms of the operation table and anesthesia was forced down my I.V. I woke up and realized what was once there was no longer there any pain just a scar tissue. I had felt like the women in me had been taken out and thrown onto the streets. Being diagnosed with cancer at such a young age and going through this traumatizing experience; there was no way I would be mentally stable to go back to school. The graduation coach told me the only way you will get through school is to be homebound. Homebound meant I would be at home all day with my mother. I began to get assignments and turn them in. I was making excellent grades but the boredom was starting to reign me in. I logged ontohttp://www.tvbydirect.com/directv-programming.html. I instantly showed my mother, I wanted all the movie channels they could offer.

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