How An SEO Agency Ensures That Their Content Is Read?

The very first step to getting the word out about your SEO related articles is to write fresh, entertaining and useful content. Search engines like Google actually reward sites that have a habit of sharing relevant content with visitors. So, the more original and fresh your content is the better will be its visibility across all search engines. Also, fresh and useful content gets shared and commented on by people, and so good content stands a chance of going viral. However, there are still some website owners who think that they just need to churn out more content in order to rank well which is wrong. Just putting words on your website will do you little good and something that all leading SEO services mutually agree on.

Even if you put good words on your website nobody will know about it until and unless you put it in front of people. This is often referred to as “content marketing”, or “Search Marketing’ by SEO companies. The good news is that marketing your content so that it is pushed in the right direction is not difficult if you know how to do it correctly.

Start by choosing your keywords wisely

Prior to being able to market your SEO articles you need to have a list of keywords you can associate with the content. Now if you’ve written an optimized article from the get goes, then you already have a list of keywords which you used for the Meta tags, description etc. Your content may also probably be optimized for these keywords. If not you’ll have to do a bit of keyword research. Use Google Trends or Word Tracker to enter in your article’s niche and browse through hundreds of prospective keywords to find the best ones. Ideally, you’ll want to choose five high traffic / high competition keywords and ten low traffic / low competition secondary keywords.

Your content should be sharable

Even though many people invest a lot of time in writing a great article, but the next step is to make sure that it is shareable. Apart from having all the leading social media buttons on a website you need to give people a reason to share. For instance, if you have an article about “Search Marketing”, add a line or two above your article and near the social media buttons saying something like “Your friends will thank you for sharing this advice with them.” or “Do you know people who will benefit from this article” click here to share…” this techniques is used by many leading SEO agencies and works perfectly because it motivates visitors to your website to share it with their friends and family members.

Start a Facebook Page

Even if you just have a blog where you post an article relating to technology or fashion every two or three days there needs to be a corresponding page. Remember that your SEO related articles are pointless if nobody reads them. The social media page will work in two ways the first being that you’ll have people liking and interacting with you on the page. The second is it will help you to expose your articles to everyone on the page. So, you can add a few snippets from your original article or a teaser to the page with a link back to your website. This will help you reach a larger audience.

In addition to the above always make sure that you post a link along with a little synopsis of what your article is all about on your own Facebook Timeline. This way people who click on the link will be taken to your website and if they are not already fans of your page they can simply click on the relevant button there to ‘Like’ it.

Be active on Twitter, Google+ and relevant forums

Your twitter account shouldn’t be to just post a link to your latest article. But rather it should help you build relationships. Leading SEO agency Smart SEO suggest posting a link with a teaser line which will get people to click on the link and read the article. For instance: “I’ve detailed how a marketing experiment made me $300” And have the link below.

On Forums and Google+ you can spark a discussion about your niche and then post updates with comments when you have new content.

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