How to Collect on Insurance Money

Let’s face it, insurance claims can be a bit tricky. However, you can definitely tackle them yourself with some preparation. If you’re in the process of filing a claim with the insurance company, then doing it yourself makes more sense. Remember, disasters can strike any time, so knowing how to collect your insurance money without a lawyer can be really helpful. In the following article we discuss how you can go about making a claim…

Filing a Claim With Your Insurance Company

1) First and foremost, you need to request a claim from your current insurer and complete it. See to it that you explain your reason for claim in utmost detail, including things like locations, times, dates, and names of people involved.

2) All documents such as an ‘accident report’, for making an auto insurance claim (in case you’ve had one of those car or trucking accidents) should be in place. In other words, any documents that help you in supporting your claim need to be organized beforehand. Also, don’t forget to make copies of all the documents that you’ll be including with your claim form. Attach these to the back of your form.

3) Draft a good cover letter in order to summarize the events of the incident in question. If you’re requesting a certain amount of money, have the total amount stated clearly. Besides this, include your contact info such as your mobile phone number and home number. This makes it easy for the insurance representatives to get in touch with you to discuss the issue further.

4) Have a copy of the claim form with you, along with the letter and the documents that you’re submitting. It’s always good to retain the full copy of your claim for the record.

5) Submit your claim form along with the cover letter to your insurance company. See to it that you send it through Certified Mail so that you can retain the green receipt card as a mailing proof.

Helpful Tips to Remember

– Always respond back to any requests that your insurance company makes for additional documents, extra information or for any other evidence.

– In case the insurance company is refusing to pay the requested amount in whole, then go ahead and review any counter-offers they make to you.

– It’s okay to resubmit your claim if your insurance company refuses or denies to offer you the amount you requested.

– If you get a check from your insurance company for a smaller amount than what you expected, then don’t get the check cashed unless you’re ready to accept the said amount.

In conclusion, collecting insurance money isn’t rocket science. As long as you’re taking the right steps and aren’t lenient in any way, you will mostly get the amount you deserve.

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