How to Create a Website on your iPad Using iPad Apps

Web designers and web developers, even the most professional ones, need creativity to be good at their work. Unfortunately, the Muses are a sly lot. Creativity, and the right mood to work, have a tendency to strike at odd moments when you are unprepared. For instance, most people tend to get their best ideas in the bathroom – a fact Mr. Archimedes of Syracuse would wholeheartedly agree with. Or the lamp in your head may light up when you are waiting for someone at the coffee shop, or when you are waiting at an airport.

Ten years ago, I would have advised you to keep a notebook handy to jot down your ideas and work on them when you get back home. But I know that you probably have an iPad on you most of the time. So, if you are sitting somewhere, have an iPad, and your creative spirit awakens, you can start working immediately. Smart programmers around the world develop fantastic applications for the iPad all the time, and some of the apps are ideal for designers who want to create websites using the iPad.

Website design and development process can be divided into three parts: 1) Ideation, 2) Designing, and 3) Programming. There are several iPad apps that can help you with each of these processes, but we will focus only on the best apps. You can get an app that makes it easy for you to unravel creative ideas, create beautiful designs and write the code for the websites.

Ideas begin their life as small seeds…
When your creative juices are flowing, it will be easy for you to find lots of creative ideas. But, getting excited about an idea and analyzing the idea with cold logic are both needed to ensure success. Fire up your iPad and download a brainstorming app (or, if you are more comfortable, you could simply play around with your ideas in a simple note-taking app).

MindMeiser – Mind Mapping and Brainstorming App

This is one of the best apps for charting ideas, brainstorming, and coming up with new ideas. This is the kind of app that every creative person should have in their iPad. Through this app you can organize your ideas into mind maps, view them over any synced device, connect different ideas with other idea clusters, and even share your ideas with your colleagues or friends. I’ve found this app especially useful when charting out user groups and tasks.

Bad design is smoke, good design is mirror
Getting the full version of Photoshop on iPad, unfortunately, is not a feasible idea. When you are designing the online face of a business or an individual, you need to be on your toes. Most old-school designers will cringe at the thought of using lightweight, limited-capability tools for designing a website. But, there are apps out there that will help you take care of most of your designing chores using your iPad. Here’s one of the best:

OmniGraffle – Insanely Expensive, but Pretty Awesome App for Designing

This single app will cost you fifty dollars. Yes, that is an insane price for an iPad app. But when it comes to creating designs, mockups, wireframes and a dozen other design related things, this app is heads and shoulders above most other apps of the same type. Naturally, it is doesn’t work as well as using a PC or Mac, but it is good enough for most of your designing needs.

Good code is its best documentation
Once you have got a clear sense of what ideas will propel the design, and what design elements will best suit the purpose of the website, it is time to work on the code. This is where you actually start creating the core of the website.

Textastic – Can make Coders Ecstatic

Even if you already have good code editors on your PC, you may end up working on your iPad a little more if you install this app. It will cost you ten bucks, but it s a good investment to make. This is the kind of app you can download and instantly stat working on – there is no learning curve. It has a very simple interface, has all the features that heavy code editors have and supports more than 80 types of syntax.

In conclusion, I would like to say that you can do a lot with an iPad. For people who do not use tablets for work on a regular basis, the idea may sound fantastics – after all, we are used to working with high-powered computers. But you can easily get done with at least 90% of your web design work using iPad apps. Just try it sometime!

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I work for an LA-based iOS app development company named iPhone.PLAVEB. I am passionate about iPad app development, and I feel that a lot can be done with a tablet, as long as it is armed with awesome apps!

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