How to Fight the Empty Nest Blues


When the kids finally all leave for college can be a severe wake up call, or more like a slap in the face, to the average parent. Particularly, but certainly not exclusively, if you’ve been a stay at home parent. But either way, when the kids have moved into their next chapters, you are left behind, an anchor to stabilize them via the phone or email, but no longer a part of their everyday life. Many parents feel an intense loneliness and sadness, typically called Empty Nest Syndrome. In time, these feelings will likely subside, but here are some ways to combat the Empty Nest feeling more quickly.

Take up a New Hobby

Your hobby for the last many years has been cleaning, cleaning up after, and scolding these little versions of you that run around and break things, dirty themselves, but also provide cute and adorable memories. That’s all well and good, but now you have all this time on your hands, and you can only re-wash their left behind clothes so many times before you can be classified as a crazy person. So take up a new hobby! It can be something as simple as reading all the works of a favorite author, or as difficult as mastering origami. One thing it should not be is commenting on all your kids’ Facebook posts!

Go Back to School

If anyone ever tells you that you are too old to go back to school, laugh heartily and end the conversation with a roll of the eyes. The truth is you are never too old to go back to school. Sure, you may be too old to become the next Doogie Howser, but if you want to expand your mind and your education, you should absolutely consider school. You can go full time, or part time; you can take a class on a computer program like Final Cut Pro, or you can go for a full certificate in cinematography. Many people go for a business degree, and use a mba admission consulting company like Amerasia Consulting to knock the rust off their application procedure and get into a good school. It’s not extremely important what you study, just so long as you are inspired.


Nothing helps fill the empty nest like, well, getting out of the nest and doing something productive with your time. Again, it is not important what you set out to do for volunteering, but so many places will be always looking for additional hands. If you call up a neighborhood homeless shelter, or pre school, or veterans facility, you can get yourself involved in some extremely rewarding and worthy activities. It will help you get your mind of the loneliness of having no kids around.

Brew Beer

Lots of people these days are experimenting with brewing beer. The one thing that it requires that not everyone has is a dark closet-like area to let the beer ferment. Well, now that all your kids are gone, surely one of them has a closet that would be perfect for storing the beer as it gets ready to be consumed. Not only is it a fun activity that yields actual drinkable beer, but you can really get creative with flavors and styles. Even better, you can join craft beer groups and turn it into a social outlet as well. Socializing, drinking, and being creative: what better way to outsmart the Empty Nest blues!

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