How to Increase Your Traffic with StumbleUpon

How to Increase Your Traffic with StumbleUpon

StumbleUpon is a discovery engine and one of the top sources of social media traffic. It astonishingly generates even more traffic as referrer than Facebook. StumbleUpon can be a valuable tool to increase traffic to your website content and the statistics can be beyond impressive. If used effectively, StumbleUpon is one of the best advertising for small businesses.

How to Use StumbleUpon?

Upon signing up on StumbleUpon, you will be asked of your interests, which will be saved to your profile. The yellow button saying “Stumble Your Interest” then presents you with website content in line with your saved interests. You can continuously search through websites by pressing the button “Stumble”. You have the option to like, dislike and comment on the content displayed to you.
All content on StumbleUpon from its videos, articles and others are manually added by internet surfers from around the world. There are two ways to add a website URL to StumbleUpon. One is by installing the Stumble button in your browser toolbar and simply clicking “Stumble” if you want to add a certain website. The second is to manually add the URL to StumbleUpon. This is similar to sharing something using the Facebook or Twitter Icon. When the URL is added to StumbleUpon’s index, it can then be viewed by other users browsing through interests related to the content.
StumbleUpon can generate large amounts of traffic to your site, which is why it is one of the best advertising for small businesses. However, the issue of quantity and quality come into consideration. Most bloggers complain that although the traffic is tremendous, it is short-lived and poorly targeted, creating low conversion rates.
Presented below are some tips to maximize your StumbleUpon account and to bring not just high, but qualified traffic to your websites.

Follow Users with Similar Interests

StumbleUpon is a community of thousands of users with a wide range of interests. To name a few, these include photography, fashion, wildlife, and crafts to business, politics and so much more. Following users with interests similar to yours has several advantages. StumbleUpon will pick up on the types of users you follow and will then narrow down potential followers based on your common interests.
Add the Stumble Button to Your Browser Toolbar
Adding the Stumble button to your browser toolbar is easy. This allows you to stumble any interesting content that you come across on the net. Once you click Stumble, the URL will automatically be added to StumbleUpon’s index, ready to be viewed by users of similar interest. StumbleUpon employs an algorithm to identify your interests; hence, it is best to stumble website content that relates to your own. StumbleUpon’s algorithm of sorting out interests is also what renders it its efficiency, making it one of the best advertising for small businesses.

Make Your Content Engaging and Attractive

One of the first things that StumbleUpon users notice when stumbling through the index is the attractiveness of the shown site. Users are engaged by vivid and visually pleasing content. Whatever content that you submit (especially if it’s your own) should be visually engaging, captivating and of course insightful to the user.

Stumble Other Content Too

StumbleUpon is a way of making your website content more available, making it one of the best advertising for small businesses. However, StumbleUpon does not promote the “over-stumbling” of your content as this is considered spamming. When stumbling content from the web, include other people’s content that you believe are a worthy addition to the StumbleUpon index. If you are not stumbling your own content, stumble content that is similar to yours.

Add a StumbleUpon Badge to Your Website

Add a StumbleUpon badge on your website to encourage visitors to stumble your content. The badge is easy to install. The code can be found on StumbleUpon’s website and can simply be pasted into your website code.

Use StumbleUpon’s Ad System for more Targeted Traffic

Paid Recovery is StumbleUpon’s ad system and is used to generate more natural and qualified traffic to your sites. Upon submitting your URL, StumbleUpon adds it to its index of similar content. The Paid Recovery ensures that your submitted site will appear in the first 5% of the user’s stumbling experience. This significantly increases the likelihood of users who are searching for content in line with yours to stumble upon your site. This targeted traffic directed to your pages makes StumbleUpon one of the best advertising for small businesses. This targets the traffic more and brings about better conversion rates. Also, users will be able to like and comment on your content, which can be of great value to you. This system is very different compared to other common ad systems, such as Facebook’s pay-per-click.


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