How to make blogging user friendly with bold tips

Given the amount of information available on internet, increasing number of people are getting attuned to read blogs. This in itself calls for making the blogging endeavor user friendly, so that more number of people continues to enjoy the information; you intend to share through the blog.

Blogging is a profession full of passion. To ensure that you make a name for yourself in this niche, you need to consider certain imperatives. Below are listed some tips that will help you make the blogging venture a successful enterprise, something that will give you professional acknowledgment and personal satisfaction.

1.) Making the blog look good

Looks matter in every field of life and the same is true when it comes to blogging. Remember that it is the look of the blog that will help attract the attention of the reader in the first instance. To make your blogging venture user friendly you will need to try using high quality and relevant images. This serves two purposes. One it helps in conveying the essence of blog post without saying much and additionally helps break text into distinct columns, something which is imperative for the success of a blog post.

For lending your blogging initiative, you can try searching images from Comp fight and Flicker. Most of the images in this image sharing websites have common licenses to use and allow the usage of images for professional purposes.

Breaking the text too is useful when it comes to making the blog look attractive. Try using White space as this is considered as a great way of breaking the text. If you are able to create short paragraphs with shorter sentences, you can end up making a long post look less daunting and attractive.

2.) Ensure that it shows up right

You need to test your blog on distinct operating systems screen sizes and browsers, so as to ensure that you are in loop of any display issues. Do not forget to test the prototype on mobile screen too as many people try reading blogs on their mobile phones.

You can take help from Browser Shots which is designed to give you an indication on how the blog will look when it goes online. A bit of homework done on this end can add a lot of worth to your professional presence, thus making your blogging endeavor an experience to remember, every time any users logs in to the blog.

3.) Make it easy to read

At times one gets so engrossed into fine tuning the technical details that one forgets that the blog is meant for humans. Your efforts should be focused on making your blogging venture look and feel easy to sense. Use standard fonts as Arial or Times New Roman as this makes it easier to read.

However, to emphasize the key points in the blog, you can go in for using bold and italics to put across the message. This will definitely attract the attention of the reader and they will take the blog post more seriously.

Try using subheadings to make the blog post exhaustive and look interesting.

4.) Making the blog post useful

When you are done with formatting the blog style, the next imperative comes in form of making the same useful for readers. You can do so by linking the blog post to other sources that are present across the web. The same can also be linked to relevant content on your other blog posts. This will prove of worth to the readers and they will definitely like to spend more time on your blog.

Not only this, your faithful readers will act as your messengers and will spread the knowhow from your blogging venture to other quarters. This word of mouth popularity will definitely take your venture to a new high thus increasing its popularity many folds.

5.) Making it easy to share

Make your blogging endeavor easy to share. This will increase the popularity of your blog and take you a step further of making the venture user friendly. Add This is an innovative service that helps give your readers a host of sharing options. Ensure that the sharing buttons in the blog are easier to locate for the reader, so that they get inclined naturally to share your post.

Blogging is an emerging career. Most people who have distinct liking often try using internet to search on topics of their passion. By making your blogging venture user friendly, you take them a step closer to this realization.

Follow the above listed measures and make your blogging initiative, an experience to remember.

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