How Vulnerable Is Your Business’ Online Presence?

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Regardless of your company, business or service, when dealing online, you have to be secure and careful. The internet works both ways, often as a double-edged sword. Whilst it’s a valuable way to reach other people, it means people with an unlawful intent can also use your own website, software or server against you and access sensitive information.

This, of course, means there is a great need for the right level of digital protection. As such, here’s a look at how you can find your own weaknesses with vulnerability scanning and other testing, as well as a few methods on how to help prevent intrusions into your private information.

Testing and Scanning

The easiest and best way to find such faults, whether it lies in the security system itself or there’s a loophole in the script itself, is to essentially test for it. This is where penetration testing often comes in hand, as well, as it can assess a general brute-force attack or DDoS overload, to find out how your system would cope.

Yet, for the most part, you will want to invest in software and security packages with regular va scanning features. This is will scan for vulnerable points in your script and code; the same things a potential data thief or hacker would be looking for. The sooner you find them, the sooner they can be fixed; which is why having software perform regular scans is paramount to your security.


Likewise, you can also look to assess your security. A good standard to aim for is the ISO27005, which is a strongly recognised level of digital security. Becoming compliant with this standard, including the use of a quality security assessor, will help keep you safe.

This should be used in conjunction with security software, which will form a strong basis in any digital defence. Utilising a QSA means you’ll be checking your security is at the right level, but it’s your software and regular checking for intrusions, malware and other breaches that will actively ensure no-one gets into servers.

Yet, having a strong certificate, such as ISO27005, to aim for none the less gives you a goal towards. In other words, if you haven’t obtained the certificate, there is a weak spot in your digital defence system. A QSA will often highlight this, showing you the areas that are weak and need extra protection.

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