Important Investments That Will Keep Your Commercial Business Cleaner

Keeping your company clean is important for many reasons, and especially if you have a commercial property. By making sure that your premises are clean and tidy at all times you will find that you are able to reduce the incidence of accidents, to make a better impression on guests and on visitors, and to save your business money on expensive repairs and services.

This means spending a little money upfront and investing in your property. Here we will look at some of the kinds of investments that can help you to keep your property cleaner and at how they can pay you back in dividends.


The most obvious way to keep your property cleaner and tidier is simply to hire a good janitorial service to regularly clean your property. This way your staff can focus on doing their job, but you’ll ensure that your premises look and feel clean and tidy at all times. This will help to bring in more business (no one wants to spend time in a grimy looking shop) and will also help to prevent illness and to make the right impression on potential business partners.


Whether you hire or buy large bins, they can be incredibly useful for removing and organising waste. If you’re having a big job done on your building then hiring a large skip can be useful to dispose of your building supplies, while for day-to-day routines you should still make sure to have a way to reliably dispose of waste.

This will then have many different benefits for your property. Not only will it help you to keep it cleaner and thus avoid bad odours, pests and other problems, but it can also help to remove trip hazards and fire risks. If you leave materials outside your property and a guest should trip on them then this can cause them a serious injury and a lawsuit. At the same time it won’t look good and even put people off of using your services.

Leaving waste around your premises then is absolutely not an option – make sure that you dispose of it as quickly as possible.


Dampness can be a huge problem for both commercial and residential properties. Not only does having damp walls steal heat from your property thus increasing the costs of your bills, but it can also lead to the formation of mould that can then spread around the building and even damage the health of those inside. Mould can actually cause asthma even in people who have never previously suffered from it – so it’s worth paying a little extra to prevent it forming.


The other way to avoid moisture and mould is to keep the heating on, and that makes it another important investment. And actually, keeping your heating on longer can also often save you money directly in the long run – as keeping it off too long can cause the walls to become cold at which point it then requires more heat to bring your premises back up to a comfortable temperature (which is important if you want to keep people in your store or restaurant). Think ‘consistent when you’re deciding on how to run your heating.


Repellers for pests whether in the form of mothballs or ultrasonic devices can help to prevent termites, rats, mice and other kinds of infestations from settling into your property. Getting pests in a restaurant can be devastating and even force your company out of business, so this is an important form of ‘insurance’ that will more than pay for itself.

Gutter Guards

Gutter guards fit over the top of your gutters like grills and prevent leaves, twigs and other large objects from getting in. This can save you a lot of money which you would otherwise have to spend repairing your gutters and also makes them less likely to overflow and cover your building in stagnant and dirty water.

These are just some examples of the kinds of investments that can keep your property looking cleaner and tidier – there are many more from regular painting jobs to having your air ducts cleaned but they are all highly important. You have to spend to accumulate, and the best investments start close to home!

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