Inform, Entertain, but Above All BE INTERESTING!

There’s quite a bit of alleged science involved in the successful writing of a blog for moneymaking purposes. There’s so much thinking that goes into the link building, backlinks, pay-per-clicks, and SEO to ensure all of that occurs that many times bloggers forget about the fundamentals. Mainly, the writing has to be good and it has to be consistent.

Almost anyone can compile enough words together to create an article. Only a handful can make such a composition make sense. Plenty of people can write an article well enough that people will want to read it; however, only a select number can do that day after day, again and again, until they gain the traffic it takes to earn a buck doing it.

If you want to make money online in a way that lets you focus your attention elsewhere while you do it, go visit Otherwise, you better recognize that writing everyday is not easy. That’s especially the case when it comes to blog writing, where the rewards take months and even years to achieve. You have to be willing to create content everyday. That’s the only way you’ll build the traffic it takes to make some scratch.

But it’s imperative that the writing be quality stuff too. You can’t simply churn out a “day in the life of an accountant” because frankly there are thousands of these kinds of blogs hovering around the blogosphere. Few are particularly interesting and even fewer garner the attention necessary for success. Instead, you need to give the online audience something it’s never seen before.

In other words, you need to either entertain or inform, and preferably do both simultaneously. But more importantly, you have to be interesting. Simply put, people don’t read boring stuff. More importantly, they don’t share boring stuff with other people. Without that sharing your blog will find little to no success no matter how much work you put into it.

Blog creation isn’t as complicated as you think. At least it isn’t at the start. When beginning a blogging venture, focus on your writing and your audience and little else. The science will come into play at an appropriate time. For now, let the art take over.


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Guest post by Susan Daniels

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  1. Good points Susan! There is a subtle difference between the good blogs and the great blogs and without entertaining your readers you will never reach the great level.
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  2. The word interesting for me is very important most especially when it comes to online businesses. With blogs, articles and so on and so forth, the word interest must be always present. The tips that you have shared here can really help us come up with the right and specific idea to have an effective and reliable output.
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