Is Free to Air Satellite Right for You?

The first televisions seem as ancient and unfathomable as dinosaurs to modern viewers. TV was in black and white? The television set was the size of a cabinet? There were only a few channels? The whole family watched together? And there were no remotes? Imagine that! But the early days of television did have something that its modern counterpart does not: a sense of wonder and awe. Children and adults alike stared wide-eyed and open-mouthed at broadcasts; it was nothing short of magic coming right into their living rooms.  We’ve lost that wonder with homogenized television options, but free to air satellite can help you get it back. Are you ready?

To take back your TV?

Is free to air (FTA) satellite right for you and your household? It can be if you want to regain that sense of wonder. Television can be a medium for discovery, but today, it’s often a medium for mediocrity. If you don’t care about what the reality “star” of the day is doing, then there’s not much on! FTA, on the other hand, offers a wide range of unique programming, including:

  • Foreign options. Countries around the world depend on free to air satellite to broadcast and receive television programming. If you want exposure to other cultures and immersion in language without leaving your home (or paying a monthly bill), FTA is ideal.
  • Educational programming.  You don’t need cable or subscription satellite services to watch options like PBS or other public stations. You can find everything from NOVA documentaries to Curious George.
  • News and current events. What’s going on in the world? You can get news that is much more in-depth than your typical network broadcasts, and which offers different perspectives.
  • Sports. Soccer, anyone? Why not take a break from the NFL or NBA and take a look at soccer, rugby, tennis, gymnastics, weightlifting, and other options? In addition, you can find college sports to keep up with your favorite teams.
  • Entertainment. Sorry, you won’t be able to watch Jersey Shore – or that might be a big FTA selling point! But you can access movies, sitcoms, dramas, and other options. Depending on your location and signal, you may be able to receive local network stations and their programming as well.

Among the first programming available on FTA was NASA broadcasts. If you had FTA, you could have tuned in to watch the Mars rover, Curiosity, land, or click on to simply see what’s up in space.  How is that for a reality show?

To take back your money?

Another reason that many people find FTA so enticing is that it does not come with a monthly bill. “Free” to air is not completely free: you do have to purchase some necessary equipment. Try Ocean Satellite to buy a satellite dish and other equipment you need. Initially, this may cost $200 or so. But here is what you will not be paying:

  • Rental fees for your equipment. It’s yours.
  • A monthly bill for service.
  • Monthly taxes and extra fees.

After you purchase your equipment and install it, there is nothing more to pay for. This is where the free in free to air comes in.

To take back that sense of wonder?

The programming options of FTA are not commercialized: you won’t find premium channels, like HBO or Showtime that you can get with companies like Dish Network. (But you can always supplement subscription-based TV with FTA for the best of both worlds). What you will find, though, are options that help you explore the world around you and the world across the globe with equal ease.

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