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When setting up your resume, what would you say are the most important things for you to list? Of course, it all starts with your contact information, because people have to be able to get ahold of you if they want to offer you a job. After that, you need to have your education level – where you graduated from college and what degree you have – so that they can know if you are qualified. If you have any special training or skills – such as the ability to speak another language – you should list that as well. It will help to set you apart from the crowd. 
However, the most important thing that you list for most employers is your work history. They want to know where you have worked, how long you were there, and how much real world experience you are going to bring to the table. This will tell them more about what you can do for them and their company than anything else that you could list. They also want to know why you stopped working in that position, whether you chose to leave on your own or if you were fired. Make sure that you list everything relevant that you have done.It is important to note that relevancy is also important. If you only have experience working a part-time job as a cashier, you may want to list it when getting your first job, just so that they know you have done something, but you do not have to list that for the rest of your life. There is no reason to put down a job that is unrelated to your field when you are 40 years old and you held that job when you were 18. Just figure out what experience they would care about and use that.

The reason that people want to see your experience is because it is far more beneficial to you than your education. Yes, it is a good idea to get a college degree. Most employers are going to require it. However, they are also going to assume that your degree did not really get you ready to do the work that they have for you. They expect to train you in the workplace so that you actually know how to work, something that the majority of colleges are never going to teach you.

If you have work experience, they can see that they might not need to do as much training on their end. Perhaps you want to work for the David Kiger shipping company, for instance, in an administrative capacity. If you have already done a similar job for a smaller company, his company will need to do less to get you up to speed in a larger work setting. The job will be similar. This puts you ahead of people with just a degree.

In fact, you are going to find that many positions are only offered to people with experience. If you have not been in the industry for a few years, you cannot even interview for it. You need to find something else that is entry level. You can apply if you want, but you should concentrate on building your work history first so that your resume is stronger.

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