Keeping a Healthy and Safe Work Environment with Oil Mist Filters

There are a number of manufacturing operations that create oil mist and smoke.  These substances can be harmful to the work environment and it’s important to take safety measures to protect against these risks.

Oil mist most often rise during metal cutting machining.  So if your industry involves turning, milling, grinding and boring, you will get oil mist as a by product.  This is caused by the oil or water mixing with the cutting fluid used for cooling or lubricating.

With the high speed and pressure of the machining, the oil droplets produced are very small and become mist or oil.  The fluids can also get dispersed in the form of aerosol and smoke to the surrounding air.

In such an environment, people can easily breath in these unhealthy substances.  This can give rise to a variety of problems:

  • Primarily, Oil mist can cause a variety of respiratory problems.
  • Deterioration of the air as a result of oil accumulation on ventilation systems.
  • Environmental degradation from the oil
  • Oil mist can cause skin problems such as eczema and acne
  • Buildup can harm electronics and machinery

These are just a few risks of oil mist and smoke.

One of the most common ways to protect against problems from oil mist and smoke is through the use of an oil mist filter.  An oil mist filter can collect the oil mist or smoke at the source and filter the polluted air through to produce clean air.

An oil mist filter works generally by having an enclosure that sucks the polluted air through a filtration system.  These can either be open systems or closed systems.  A closed system will typically have a hood or structure that directs the air through a duct to the filter.  Once the air is filtered, it can be returned to the normal ventilation.

Installing an oil mist filter is an effective way to keep the work environment safe and healthy.

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