Maximizing Profits Through Web Design and Social Media Presence

Nowadays, due to the recent advancements in technology, we are able to connect to the world in just a push of a button or a swipe on a smart phone screen. With that said, people do not really know the full power of the Internet, much less harness its full potential. Things really get complicated when it comes to the business side. Even though there are many ways to attract customers and earn a ton of money online, most small business owners are not really informed with the recent trends in web design and marketing, given the fact that New Media (the Internet and advanced technology) is still pretty new. So, let’s delve to the focal point of this article: how can you maximize profits through web design and social media presence?

An EFFECTIVE business web design

Maximizing Profits Through Web Design and Social Media Presence Creating a website for business purposes is different from creating one for special interests. With that said, here are some things you must remember in creating an effective website:

  • Simplicity equates to efficiency. Keep the elements of the websites, including the navigational system (in this case, the menu bar), images, background the text as simple and common as possible. Though a sophisticated design is tempting, it would be more of a turn off, considering that it may appear complicated to most users.

         Remember: Usability and utility determines the success or downfall of a website, not            the aesthetics.

  • Small images. Nope, this does not relate to how much area an image covers, rather, it refers to the file size. If you use your website to take online orders and sell, only use thumbnails to display your inventory.

          Remember: Large images dramatically affect the loading speed of your site – if it                   loads to long, a visitor/potential customer will definitely close it.

  • Directly give users the things they came for. Whether your visitors are looking to buy some of your items or to simply get your contact details and business address, give it to them immediately by placing it in the home page. You may place it in the other pages of your website but remember to make your navigational system as simple as possible.

         Remember: Web users are impatient: if they can’t immediately get what they want,             they may simply go to another URL.

  • Do not add unnecessary content. Putting in music and videos that automatically play is a no-brainer: doing so would surprise users and will certainly cause them to either look for where it is coming from to attempt to stop it or just close the window.

          Remember: Users really do not care about the other content – once they get what               they came for, they will most likely bail out immediately

  • Advertisement concerns. Placing advertisements on your website is one way to get some extra cash, but these are absolutely hated by most users. With that said, it is essential to not make these interfere with the function of your website. Banner ads placed in the sides or on top of the navigational bar would be your best bet.

          Remember: Do not resort to pop-up ads and others that may be a hindrance.

Putting the following factors into mind will certainly attract more users which in turn would equate to profits.

Social Media Integration

With all that has been mentioned above, an effective web design would be utterly useless if it doesn’t get the attention of the audience that it direly needs. Online advertising may be a viable option, but it certainly is expensive and it’s not really that effective, given that the statistics regarding high click through rates are not optimistic (though I admit purchasing something online via an ad). With that said, the best way to garner audiences is to resort to social networking sites like Facebook, Twitter and Google+, since these sites are where the people are.

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