Merseyside Fraudsters Sent To Jail

The fact that there are so many different types of fraud to be wary of these days is a major concern for most people. There is a need to be aware of all of the different types of fraud but when there are so many things to keep in mind, it can be all too easy to fall prey to fraudulent activity. There is also the fact that some frauds are massive operations these days, involving large numbers of people operating together. Even though most victims of fraud will often wonder if there was something that they should have did differently in order to protect themselves, there will be times when the size and scope of a fraud will be so strong that there is not a lot that they can actually do.

An example of this has been highlighted by the fact that a Liverpool based gang of close to thirty people have found themselves in court after a fake cheque cashing scam was uncovered. The four people perceived to be the ringleaders have all received jail terms with 22 other people all being punished to a lesser extent. The size of the gang indicates that there is a great deal of work going on with this style of activity and it can place a great deal of pressure on people due to the fact that there is clearly time, effort and considerable plans pulled together in the execution of these frauds. There is no doubt that it is becoming more difficult to track the progress of the different crimes. It is also important to remember that while cybercrimes are on the rise, there are still plenty of crimes taking place offline.

Pawnbrokers were targeted

The gang was operating a cheque cashing scam that saw cash agencies and pawnbrokers in and around Kensington. The gang hailed from Liverpool and it should be noted that the increasing number of pawnbrokers and cheque cashing firms means that there is a greater level of propensity for this style of crime. Given that so many people are struggling financially, it means that there is a greater level of demand for these stores. Also, given that more people are struggling financially, it is likely that many more people will be tempted into a life of crime. This creates a situation where these businesses, perhaps newly formed and with little experience or who are employing new staff with no formal training are finding that they are powerless to determine what a fraud is and what a genuine activity is. The ringleaders of the gang were jailed for their part in a fraud which amounted to £120,000.

One of the key conspirators was Christopher Ojapah and he was sentenced to prison alongside Rodney Akomas. Both of these men were heavily involved with the process of cashing in cheques that were fraudulent. The crimes were committed between October of 2011 and June of 2012 who indicates that a great deal of money can be added up in a short period of time. The role of many of the co-conspirators was to have cheques paid into their bank account. This is an area that people have to be on the lookout for as well.

Tempting offers may not be all that they are cracked up to be

Times are tough but an offer of someone cashing a cheque into your account and then giving you with a percentage sounds fantastic but as with many things in life, if something sounds good to be true, then it usually is and should be avoided. While many of the people who acted in this fashion never received a hail sentence, they have still received a criminal record and there have been a number of punishments passed out to people for this style of crime. This places a great deal of strain and pressure on someone so even someone that feels as though they have gotten off lightly compared to other people will still have been through a difficult time.

This is why certain people need to question whether they should be getting involved in this style of crime or opportunity. Cheque cashing may not be the most common fraudulent activity these days but there is still an opportunity to make money from it these days and this is why so many people will still consider it to be a viable activity.

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