Mooching about the Antique Stalls

Antique collecting has always been a popular way for serious investor to spend their money, but nowadays thanks to programmes like the Canadian Antiques Roadshow, antiques aren’t just for the very wealthy.

Market stalls, flea markets and Antique fairs have become increasingly popular due to the general public’s interest in antiquities and many people spend their weekends travelling around the different exhibitions and fairs.

Glassware, especially pressed glass with its beautiful bird or animal patterns are always to be found at antique fairs. Pressed glass was introduced to Canada at the end of the 19th century and quickly became popular due to its durability and affordable price.

From candlesticks to silver jewellery, Silverware has always been very collectable. Victorian jewellery is very elegant and it is still bought to be worn. Another very popular item is the pocket watch.

Pocket watches became popular with gentleman in the 17th Century. They were attached to a ribbon or a chain on the gentleman’s belt or pocket. Watch cases were gold, silver or gold plate. The watch and the case were bought separately and they often engraved.  Certain pocket watches, like the American Waltham Hunter are worth thousands of dollars in today’s market.

Antique tables are common at fairs and in shops, both in towns and online. Tables are such useful items of furniture that there has always been a high demand for them and they remain a popular collector’s item.

Tables made of Pine, Mahogany, Oak and Walnut were made in all sizes and shapes and they were used for card games, dining, sewing and serving tea. French Farmhouse pine furniture is still immensely popular due to its strength and durability.

Spoons are another popular collectable – 17th and 18th Century Spoons can be bought at quite reasonable prices. Although spoons from the 14, 15 and 16th Century can still fetch a great deal of money. Spoons can be collected by type, maker, origin or form.

Pottery is also popular and it can be an affordable way to start a collection. Blue Mountain Pottery was introduced in 1947 and manufactured in Ontario.  A lot of it can still be bought fairly cheaply today.

If you like mooching about markets and exhibitions at the weekends, don’t forget your money because the day you don’t have much, is the day you will see something that you really want.

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You’ve then got that bit of extra cash to search out your bargain. You never know, you could be like the British television presenter who bought a pottery elephant for £8.00, which is around 13 Canadian dollars and sold it at auction to an American for £2,700 pounds, about 4,489 Canadian Dollars, now was a good investment.

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