Need Some Extra Cash? Plan A Garage Sale!

With the summer months coming up, this is a great time to tidy up your home and earn some easy cash. Here a 4 easy steps to bag some extra cash through a garage sale!

Step 1Gather inventory

It is important to have enough to sell in order to raise interest and make it worth your time. If you have a few items for sale, it may be better to post individual listings and have interested customers contact you. If you do not have enough to sell, consider searching through your storage for suitable items. Check storage spaces, closets, attics, and basements. Ask your children for things that they no longer need.

Step 2 Planning ahead

You may need more than one person to help run the garage sale. Recruit from friends and family ahead of time, and have them sign up in shifts if necessary. It is possible to hold a garage sale on your own, but if it gets too busy, a few things can go wrong. There is always a chance that someone might take items they like. If you walk away from the cash box, there is a cash risk as well.

Also necessary is tables for laying out your goods. Keeping your goods clean helps with the sale. Extra points go to visually appealing displays. It is also a good idea to have chairs if you do not intend on standing for the entire time.

Step 3 Advertise

After deciding on a time and date, make sure that you include that information on all your ads, along with the address. Different ways to advertise include:

  • community newspapers
  • signposts on major streets nearby
  • bulletin boards at coffee shops and community centres
  • online, such as Craigslist

You will need to make dozens of signs and bulletin board postings. For signs outdoors, it may be a good idea to make them somewhat waterproof. Post this information in the days leading up to the sale.

Step 4 Sale prices

It may be hard to part with personal belongings that you may have purchased at full retail price. It is a given that you would not be able to profit from the sale, unless it is a collectible or antique item. The more used, outdated, or common the item is, the less people will want to pay. Draw a line for what you believe is a fair price, and make sure it is clearly marked. You can organize the items by price and make a visible sign.

There is nothing more exciting than filling the pocket by selling the things that you dumped. When such items are piled up, it make your garage storage spaces look clumsy and dirty. Moreover, the changes of damage is also very high due the careless dumping and wear and tear. May be they you don’t use become useful to others. Therefore an occasional garage sale is a good idea for those who have the habit of dumping things to the their garage.

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