Networking While Traveling–For The Next Generation

In a society that is more on-the-go than ever, many people travel, not just for fun, but for business as well. These people are often on the road more than they are at home, which can get a bit lonely at times. This creates a greater need for networking and connecting with others for socialization as well as for making business contacts. Here are some sites that can help the ever-mobile businessperson to stay connected while away.

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1. Gogobot

Gogobot is a social media style site that allows travelers to connect with one another to exchange thoughts on the best places to stay, eat and visit at specific locations. Once you’ve been somewhere, you can leave your own reviews and suggestions for other users.

2. IgoUgo

This is another good site that can help you to plan your flights and hotel stays. A whole community of users has left travel tips, suggestions and recommendations related to numerous destinations. Whether you travel for business or pleasure, you can connect with fellow travelers and find advice as well as leave your own feedback on places you’ve been.

3. Travellerspoint

A community of well-seasoned travelers gather at to share their stories and insights. With roughly 575,000 members, you should find what you’re looking for. You can plan your trip, ask for ideas from others and even book your trip through the site.

4. Couch Surfing

This site connects you with locals in whichever city or country you plan to visit, and you are able to connect with them in person. This allows you to share hospitality, cultures and adventures to enhance your travel experience.


If you prefer a slightly non-traditional travel method, try This site connects you with vacation rentals so that you can experience your destination as a local. You can also join this site if you have a space that you would like to rent out to travelers to your area. This is a great site for cultural exchange.


This site is designed as on online community for those who live and work abroad. You can exchange information with others about the area you’re in, all in a safe and secure network. However, this site is an invitation-only site, which helps you to maintain a network you can trust.

7. Travelmob

Travelmob is for those travelers who like a little more spontaneity in their travels. It connects those who are traveling with those who have spaces to rent. If you’re one who would like to see the world from a different perspective instead of viewing it from hotels and other tourist-geared places, then perhaps this site is for you.

8. Hotel Socials

Some hotels, like the Hyatt House Minot, offer their guests evening socials during the week, complete with spreads of beer, wines, cheeses and meats. You can enjoy the food and mingle with other guests for a relaxing evening.

9. Business Travel Club

If you travel across the UK, Netherlands or Nordic Region, perhaps the Business Travel Club is for you. It is a social and networking event available to those in the business-travel industry. You can mingle with other like-minded people in the industry, share the latest news and developments and enjoy a few drinks as well.

10. Biziker

Since business travelers generally travel alone, Biziker offers them a way to make new friends by connecting face-to-face with other business travelers to develop new social networks or just relax.

Regardlessof your reasons for traveling, these tips can help you to stay connected while on the go.


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