Nine Ways To Cut Mobile Costs When Trying To Keep A Budget

Budgeting is difficult, especially when one is living on a small. However, budgeting becomes even more difficult when one factors in some of the high costs that are common across many mobile plans and carriers these days. Instead of giving in to these high prices, individuals should consider these nine ways that they can cut mobile costs when trying to keep a budget.


Compare Costs Online

Several comparison sites are available online that help consumers find the best prices for a plan that works for them. Both MyRatePlan and BillShrink allow users to input the mobile needs they have before matching them with the best and cheapest plans. Mobile users can also search online at their own carrier’s site to find the cheapest plan that meets all of their needs.

Use a Family Plan

Any family that has devices on a variety of plans should definitely consider combining all devices onto one plan. Each phone that is added to a plan typically only carries a $10 to $20 additional fee, not including any extra data or texting that will have to be added. Family and friends plans can be used by almost any group of people including parents and children, grandparents and grandchildren, cousins or college friends.

Remove Unused Services from the Plan

Those who are not looking for their first mobile device should look at their last three or four monthly mobile bills. These bills will tell them how many minutes and texts they have used as well as how much data they use on average. Those who are not even close to exceeding their usage limits should consider saving money by decreasing monthly voice, texting and data allowances.

Use Wi-Fi Instead of Data

One of the best ways to decrease data usage dramatically or even eliminate it completely is to switch to Wi-Fi. Many people already pay for Wi-Fi at home or have access to it at work or in libraries, coffee shops, malls and restaurants. This Wi-Fi, as long as it is secure, is a cheaper option than a large data plan is.

Use a Texting App

Many people do not know about some of the great texting apps available today. Instead of paying for a texting plan through a carrier, individuals can use these free apps, which usually communicate through social media sites. Some of the most popular options include WhatsApp, recently purchased by Facebook, and GroupMe.

Decrease Monthly Bill Add-ons

The things that really add up on a monthly bill are the numerous charges that may seem insignificant at first glance. Some of these include extended warranties, insurance and roadside assistance. One should consider if these options are necessary, especially since most mobile insurance comes with a large deductible anyway.

Consider a Smaller Carrier

Those who live in large cities and who do not often travel to rural areas should consider switching to a smaller carrier. These carriers often have similar plans to larger carriers but can save the consumer up to $40 or $50 each month. A couple options include Boost and US Cellular.

Consider a Prepaid Plan

Not only are prepaid plans perfect for people who do not like to commit to a carrier, but also they only charge people for the minutes and data that they actually use. Today’s prepaid plans cover more than just voice. Many also include data usage and work with smartphones.

Contact the Carrier’s Customer Service

When all else fails to lower a monthly bill, users should call their carriers. Many carriers are anxious to keep their customers and may offer one-time bill credits or a limited-time discount. It is particularly effective for users to mention discounts that they have seen through competing carriers when calling customer service.

There are many ways to cut mobile costs these days despite the number or types of devices on a mobile plan. Mobile users can consider shopping for a different plan or a different carrier or can find innovative ways of texting and using data such as those offered at Scratch Wireless. Because numerous carriers are in close competition with each other, many are willing to work with their loyal customers to create a mobile plan and a monthly price that works for them.

Mandy Waters is a freelance writer who contributes on behalf of Scratch Wireless where texting is FREE!; the only smartphone plan with free wireless for your smartphone and unlimited texting whether on Wi-Fi or cellular.

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