Novel Uses For Banner Stands Outside Trade Shows


Chances are if yours is a business of any size, or if you are from a government agency, civic organization, or school, you have banner stands. Unfortunately, many don’t realize they can be useful outside the trade-show circuit and other large-scale presentation venues like conventions. So dust them off. Here are some novel uses for banner stands you may not have considered.

Open Houses

Banner stands can be used for any open house activities where visitors come into your business or agency office. You can use them to provide useful information like your mission statement— or simply to welcome them.

Employee Messaging and Morale

The same banner stands that carry your corporate message externally at trade shows can be used internally to inform and boost the morale of your associates. They work perfectly in break rooms and work spaces alike. You can supply associates with up-to-date company news, insurance policy or human resources developments, or with messages meant to bolster teamwork and morale.


Are you planning a special event like a concert or having a guest speaker at your company or agency? Banner stands can be used to convey important information like times, dates, etc. for upcoming special occasions. For the actual event itself, banner stands can even serve the purpose of giving pertinent information that would otherwise be found in paper brochures or programs. This is a smart, eco-friendly move that many will appreciate since so many programs and brochures are immediately discarded after an event anyway.

A Simple Thank You

Sometimes it’s about more than profits and selling. Banner stands make great message platforms and sometimes the message can just be “thank you.” Whether it is intended for your customers, your associates, or their families, a simple message of thanks is always appreciated.

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