Odd Insurance Policies You Haven’t Heard of

No matter the market, if there’s someone willing to pay money for something, you can be sure there will be someone there to sell it to them. The case of insurance is no different. But we’re not talking about your typical car insurance or homeowners insurance.

As people are becoming more paranoid and skeptical about the world around them, they naturally want to be sure they are protected from it. Even if something has an incredibly low chance at happening, there’s still a market to insure it.

Let’s take a look some of the odder insurance policies you haven’t heard of below.

Cold Feet Insurance

It might seem like you should know your mate well enough to know that they won’t leave you stranded at the altar on your wedding day. However, it’s happened before and it’ll happen again. With current divorce rates hovering at around 50 percent for all marriages, it only makes sense that some people who go through with the ceremony just aren’t ready. Then again, it would probably make sense to actually get through the ceremony and beyond the honeymoon period before you have second guesses and doubts.

The zaniest thing about this type of insurance is that there are also riders built into the policy as coverage options. If you feel that there could be emotional damage, then you have an option for psychological counseling. You can also look to see what else is offered such as rainy day coverage on your wedding insurance, or flight delay coverage for honeymoon insurance, and so on. Just be sure of the policy specifics before you go through with it.

Otherworldly Insurance

While more people are coming around to believing in life beyond Earth, there’s been questionable public proof at best to support the theory. But that’s exactly why it could be such a brilliant idea for some companies to start offering insurance in the case you’re ever abducted by a UFO. Taking just a few minutes to search some of the best insurance experts for potential coverage will yield all the details you need in dealing with little green men from Mars and beyond. In fact, many top insurance shopping and purchasing sites, such as CoverHound, can shed a lot of light on alien abduction insurance. And you’ll find the rates can actually be pretty reasonable. For only a few hundred dollars per year you can more or less guarantee coverage into the million-dollar range. And despite what you’re thinking in the back of your mind, you won’t even need to explain yourself when you purchase the policy. The tricky part could be having sufficient proof if you need to make a claim, so try to be as thorough as possible.

There’s No Body Like Your Body

Certain individuals will do anything to protect their body and health. However, some individuals actually try to protect particular parts of their body. From Troy Polamalu’s Hair, to Daniel Craig’s upper body and even the legs of both Mariah Carey and David Beckham – certain people will insure their body parts for millions of dollars. It makes sense for them if they have a reason to do it. And, when you remember that insurance only needs to have an insurable interest to generate a policy, it’s no wonder that so many famous folks are trying to protect their assets in as straightforward a way as possible.

I mean, imagine if your hair, legs, or other area of your body body earned millions of dollars. Wouldn’t it make sense to attempt to insure it as well? What if you lost your moneymaker and your claim to fame along with it? It’d be nice having a lucrative insurance policy in your back pocket. So while this one sounds absolutely crazy, it makes sound financial sense for certain people.

Regardless of what insurance policy you’re aiming to protect yourself or others with, you have to think ahead. Insurance is a way to mitigate risk and ensure that you know your maximum possible payout in the event that the worst-case scenario happens. Whether you think you could lose your future spouse, be hauled into a UFO by an alien, or you just want to protect your million dollar locks or legs – there’s a market for that, and even more, in the insurance realm.

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