On The Way to Blog Traffic – Old but Still Useful Tips

Posting blogs with no readers and viewers is like selling things without buyers. Every blogger wants his blog to be noticed, furthermore, to be one kind of blog traffic.

Here is a big help. I would like to share the secret ways to drive more traffic to your own blog:

1.    Link and connect

As you publish your blog, don’t forget to connect it on twitter and facebook. These two social networking sites are very crowded, giving you a high percentage if catching the attention of many people. To gain even more, connect it also to instagram and tumblr though these two have fewer users. Additional tip is to make a link on your blog wherein readers can even share it through their own accounts. Getting involved in social networking sites would widen your blog’s dimensions. Your readers would even influence their network to visit your blog through this linking and connecting.

2.    Join the controversy

Instead of posting non sense flowery stuffs that only you yourself can relate, why not post trending issues? Join the bandwagon, but make sure your blog is more interesting than other blogs. Post your shameless opinions regarding the world’s/country’s issues. Your work should not be too long and it should be appropriate to your target audience.  Just be sure that as you join the controversies, your points are strong and would be something that makes sense.

3.    Endless updates

Make blog in a way that the readers would watch out for your next posts. Don’t leave your blog hanging, update as much as you can. But don’t overdo it in such a way that you would update three times a day. One update per day or every other day is enough. It is like airing a weekly TV series. Make an overview of your previous blog and also post a sneak peak of your upcoming blogs. Make your blog the talk of town.

4.    Forum and discussions

Allot an option wherein readers can comment to your blog. Allow them to have forums and discussions in your post. Once the interaction gets started, your blog would get hotter. Throwing of sides and opinions would give you blog traffic.

5.    One of a kind

Be creative. Make a concept of your original tactics. Blogging is not just about posting so many words. You can even include photos, videos, trivia and poll. Make the layout presentable but be sure that it fits the topic and the tone of your post. Don’t just get stuck with one concept, always broaden up your ideas to stand out. It is not just about satisfying yourself it is more on pleasing the audience.

6.    Interact with other well-known bloggers

As the cliché goes on, no man is an island. This also applies when you want blog traffic. Talk, in cyber world, with other bloggers. Comment in their posts. In this way, the well-known bloggers’ subscribers would also be yours.



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