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It is difficult today to find a reputable share trading company that can also be trusted for top performance within the marketplace. Most investors have to choose between a company that specializes in safe investments or a company that has good speed and accurate execution on trades. One of the few companies that has both an array of safe investments for low risk traders and great execution for higher risk traders is Anz (

As one of the companies best able to help its clients navigate the recent housing, banking and government spending debacles, Anz has built a reputation in a market that everyone thought was closed off to all but the biggest brands. Anz not only showed them that there is always room for improvement, but they did it without nickel and diming their customer base to pay for it. Anz is also one of the most cost effective firms when it comes to trading shares on the marketplace; there is no fine print contract work to take extra funds from your account without you knowing.

Different kinds of accounts work for different kinds of investors and Anz has all of these different types. Having studied the habits of certain types of investors to learn exactly what kinds of benefits and features they prefer, it is much easier for Anz to quickly match a type of account with the type of investor that you are. They have done the groundwork in their proprietary research and simply apply it to you.

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