Oracle E-Business Suite Migration and upgrade from 11i to R12

Usually an organization assumes that once an agile and well suited Enterprise Resource Planning infrastructure or suite has been implemented the task is done, expecting that it will keep yielding results, not realizing that this line of thought can hinder the organization’s growth.

It is important to make the right decision while making the ERP choice for the organization because it is directly linked to efficiency in the business processes and the achievement of business goals. But to expect the entire ecosystem to keep operating in perfect harmony on its own would be an erroneous approach.

Organizations need to continuously take stock of their current situation and re-assess the changes required to better adapt and perform in the existing business environment. Oracle rolls out major releases and versions with new capabilities, features and functions that will enable the organization to get even more value from their existing Oracle E-Business Suite frequently. This is precisely what makes assessing the existing Oracle EBS suite within the company very critical.

All IT managers need to stay on top of it so that timely upgrade and migration can be carried out allowing them to reap the same benefits as their peers.

Listing some of the reasons for which a business needs to consider migration or upgrade to Oracle E-Business Suite:

  • Oracle has stopped support for Release 8, 9, 10 and 11.1 or current platform (eg. HP-UX)
  • The resources for supporting current versions are not easily available and thereby significantly increase the risk to business operations
  • Challenges in implementing server consolidation and virtualization. It also hampers the performance and delivery of existing business users.
  • The latest version of Oracle EBS 12R has features and capabilities that the organization would not be able to leverage upon

Oracle R12 is quite improved as compared to previous version 11i, and comes with a host of rich features, new functionality, enhanced capabilities and security features.

An upgrade to Oracle R12 can help the organisation in achieving the following:

  • Improve your business process with more than 2500 enhancements
  • Expensive extended support of Oracle 11i is also coming to an end and rather than investing in it, it’s better to invest in the upgrade
  • Oracle EBS R12 is the latest and most advanced version of the EBS suite available on Fusion Middleware,with most of its technology components will be available on Fusion Middleware, leading to an easy path for Fusion Suite adoption in the future


In the next article of the series we will talk about the important questions to consider while evaluating your Oracle EBS infrastructure, for a seamless and risk-free execution.


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