Why Organizations Hire Interns?

Students have their own motives for doing internships but at the same time, organizations do too. Although most of the companies are made to hire interns in various departments for a certain period of time as a corporate social responsibility, but even then interns are an advantageous asset for the firms in many ways. The advantages for the students mainly pertain to learning and understanding the education of the previous years, networking, evaluating whether the certain career path is it for them, and many others. The interns are usually hired during the time period around which they do not have schools that they can give their entire time to work and do a full-time internship. The point is however, how does an organization really turn the picture around for them and fully utilize the interns in the most professional way? The answer is in the following details:

Why Organizations hire Interns

Utilizing the freshmen:

The youth is the most dominating and talented age groups along with immense determination and motivation to surpass all the obstacles in order to achieve the greatest level of satisfaction. They are full of hopes and more than that, of new ideas and innovation. This becomes a great asset for firms as they see use all these qualities and instill them into the work given to them resulting in high quality work being performed under the premises of the firm. Fresh graduates are the ones who go for internship programs so as to familiarize themselves with the professional know-how of their field related work and thus are mostly up-to-date with latest technologies and are able to perform work with accuracy.


In any internship program, an immediate supervisor and Manager is assigned to the interns who evaluate them with scrutiny in diversified ways and acknowledge their capabilities and credibility in the field of work. In a short period of time, the professional supervisors are able to figure out how worthy one’s work can be in the future. Organization mostly hires interns as a way of choosing a future employer of the company without having to keep them on a probationary period and still manage to recognize their potential. This decreases the company’s cost and turnover rate as they always analyze the graduates and choose those who they think are entirely capable of handling the job with perfection and motivated for the line of work fully.

Generating goodwill:

Internships also leave an impression of the company itself on the interns which impacts on the company effusively. Once the intern enters a specific department of a company they are made to sign a disclosure letter under which the company is secured to let the internal work revealed to the interns. The intern is able to know and understand how everyone works and how professional the people are in their work. The moral and values, the socializing environment and the treatment of employees are all in front if the interns. If everything is above satisfactory, interns will learn from them and will do the same in the future. This circle of professionalism carries on and others recognize that the company that person must have worked in must be very professional too and thus creating goodwill among other people and companies as well.


Working in a low pay:

The major advantage of offering internship program is based on the fact that the company is able to get the most of the work done by interns to whom they only have to give a small pay. Interns are not given the right to negotiate and because experience matters more to them than the initial payment, they do not complain and do the work in utter dedication.

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