Personal Family Finance Disasters, and How to Prepare For Them

No one can anticipate everything that will happen in life, especially when it comes to emergencies or unexpected incidents. Some of these unfortunate life situations may mean you need some extra help, like a lawyer to get you through it. But lawyers will cost more money so it can be smart to be prepared, and do your due diligence about what might be better in an emergency.

One difficult situation to be prepared for is any run in with the police or being arrested. With 1.4 million people being arrested for a DUI in a single year- this could be something to be prepared for. If you are arrested you could pay as much as $20,000 for a simple encounter. This includes:

·         Court costs

·         Fines

·         Hiring a lawyer

·         Increased insurance

·         Car damage

·         Property damage

·         Medical costs

And acquiring a bail bondsman like the ones at can cost between $5,000-25,000.

Though you don’t need to hire a lawyer for this kind of incident, it really can be smart depending on the extent of the arrest. Reasons for having a legal advocate:

·         Knowledge of the court system

·         Knowledge of plea bargain details

·         Their ability to navigate complex administration procedures

The cost for a lawyer who specializes in DUI’s can run $950-5,000.

If you happen to be the one hurt in some sort of accident, then it could be necessary to hire a personal injury lawyer. They also offer an expertise on the law and how to best handle these types of situations. Personal injury lawyers tend to charge a little differently as they typically take a third to 40% of whatever is awarded in the suit.

Having a lawyer in the preceding instance may be even more needed because not only will someone have to negotiate with the person or place that caused the injury, but there will have to be discussions and negotiations with insurance companies as well. And if your injury occurred as a result of work, or a larger corporate institution then they will have big gun lawyers as well that can be knowledgeable and intimidating.

All of these situations will have a huge impact on your family. If you are arrested it can interfere with your job, or even cause you to lose it and make it hard for you to get another one. For someone who is dealing with personal injury they too will have their work affected as well as their quality of life at home. Bankruptcy is another misfortune that will cause strain and struggle in the family system.

An estimated 1.5 million American’s claim bankruptcy in a year and about 60% of that is because of medical bills not because people were poor money managers or other misgiving stereotypical reasons. The fee to file is around $300, but if you hire a lawyer that can add another $1,000-2,000. But a lawyer can be helpful in dealing with creditors and the court system, as well as protecting you from mistakes and other things you may not be aware of with this process.

The sad reality is most families will have at least one if not a few unexpected emergencies in their lifetime. This can be for the reasons listed above, or for hundreds of other ones. But knowing if it is something you should hire a lawyer for or how much it will all cost can be a wise way to protect your family and prepare for these disasters. No one wants to think of the worst, but it is better for you and your family if you do your homework instead of having to make these decisions in a moment of stress or crisis.

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