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As you may be aware, the global economy, especially in the Eurozone and the UK, is struggling to make any sort of sustained recovery. High unemployment, a lack of job opportunities and massive levels of personal debt are all symptomatic of that. Many people who have lost their jobs or are forced to settle for low-paid work find that, to afford a decent lifestyle, they have to take out personal loans to give them the means for that. Debts should be paid back at some point, but those who don’t have the income to pay back find it tough.

If you’re struggling to cope with a growing debt mountain, you might wonder if there is any help at all. Fortunately, you could receive IVA advice from payplan if you’re left with no choice but to either declare bankruptcy or try to organise an Individual Voluntary Arrangement (IVA). Both routes are good for anyone who doesn’t have the means to pay off massive personal debts, although they come with many different implications.

IVAs in particular are hard to understand, but they can make any debt repayments that are needed by creditors much more manageable, but it can restrict your ability to take out any further loans until your debts are paid off. However, you will only have to pay a small proportion of your debts by taking out an IVA. However, this option is not for everyone, and before you rush into any decision, you should turn to experts in debt management for any advice, as they will take into account your personal circumstances and then identify what, if anything, you can do about your debts.

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