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  1. HotBlogTips

    Hi Richard, I was wondering if it worked with Feedburner but I see that’s what you are using too. $37 is pretty steep but I’ll definitely give it some thought.

    1. richescorner

       @HotBlogTips I would say give it some thought.  Though $37 does seem like a lot, I’ve already noticed increased visits to older posts and I figure since it’s a lifetime license, spreading the cost out over time makes it much more worth it.

  2. AdrienneSmith

    That’s pretty cool but the only downfall I see to that is why would they then want to stop by your blog if you are giving them everything they need in the feed itself?  
    I know that some people feel social proof is enough for them which means all the shares and likes but I would much prefer having them stop by my blog then bypassing it altogether. Just a personal preference I suppose.
    The copyright notice is an added bonus.  I just check my blog every so often for copyright issues so for now that’s enough for me.
    I can see why a lot of people would like this plug-in though so thanks for sharing this.  Glad you like it and that’s what matters right!~Adrienne 

    1. richescorner

      @AdrienneSmith I think of it a little differently. I wouldn’t say that the feed gives them everything they need. However, the additional features gives them reasons to come back to the blog as well as sharing your post directly from the feed itself.

      So, for instance, the related post list gives the subscribers a short list of posts that may interest them. So they may come back to your blog to read those other posts. Also if they share your post from the feed, the links go back to your blog, so they are bringing new visitors to your blog as well.

      Take the flip side. If you are posting a complete post to your feed, then the subscriber reads that entire post right from the feed and doesn’t have much reason to go back to your blog. Some people deal with this by only posting summaries to their feeds. I don’t like this option because then it seems too forceful a method to make people come back to the blog. It may have the opposite effect of turning them off and causing them to unsubscribe.

      So, a healthy balance is what this plugin provides. You can publish a full post to your rss feed, but at the same time have a list of random, related post suggestions for them to read and share buttons to share.

      Of course, the listing of recent comments may also encourage them to go back and comment on the post itself. They can’t comment from the feed, but if they see an interesting comment and want to post a reply, they’d have to go back to your blog to do so.

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