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Looking or feeling stressed and want a hangout or relaxation? Introducing Social BrainGym, a special music/therapy for stress relief and getting sound sleep. With features such as top quality music with Isochronic Stimulus, different background images, and can also run in the phone’s background.

A quick check of the app and its uses shows an easy and friendly interface to use with the following steps to relief you from stress.

Download the application on to your phone from here or here and launch the application after installation. Choose a track of your choice, lie down or sit in a relaxed position that allows for rest and relaxed body frames, play and enjoy the songs. The Isochronic Stimulus creates a feeling experience that soothes your mind while training your brain to anti stress. You can also select different music tracks in your state of relaxed mind. Trust me, most often you will fall asleep after listening to different tunes as your mind is at ease and relaxed from the various stress created by hustle and bustle of life around you.

Wondering what the magic is? Isochronic Stimulus created by isochronic sounds that offers quality natural relaxing sounds of water bodies, waves train your brain to alpha stress state.

Plug in your headphones now and get started

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