SEO or PPC: Where to Spend Your Time and Money

Many people consider search engine optimization to be the best way to promote their business with the help of SEO services Perth companies. At the same time, it helps them get more traffic to their site without the need to spend huge amounts of money. This is great news especially for small businesses that are just starting up.

However, using pay-per-click advertising can sometimes get those results much faster than employing search engine optimization. Because of this, people tend to get confused about which business tool is best for their companies. There are a number of important things that they should consider when they are trying to determine whether to focus their efforts on PPC or SEO.

The Budget

Pay-per-click advertising can often get very expensive. At the same time, conversion rate averages can be low for many advertisements even if a person targets keywords that do not have a high cost-per-click. Due to this, people will need to pay for many clicks before they start seeing e-mail opt-ins and sales.

This is not the case when people use SEO services Perth. Search engine optimization typically only requires a relatively low monthly cost along with a setup fee for a company to maintain their placement. At the same time, PPC requires companies to pay a fee every time an online visitor clicks on a link in order to visit their website.

The cost per click will vary depending on the keywords that a person is bidding on. This is similar to an auction. If a person has been outbid by a competitor, their placement within their sponsored links will drop. What is worse is that their placement immediately goes away if their budget completely runs out.

Because of this, it is important for a person to determine how much they have to spend. If it is not enough to make it worth the effort, they should focus on building their SEO while they save up an appropriate budget for a successful PPC advertisement campaign.

The Competition

A highly competitive field may result in a couple of things. People who are trying to use search engine optimization may have their page buried in the search results for keywords, or the cost per click for the keywords that they want to target for their PPC campaign will be too great for their budget.

According to the majority of SEO services Perth, there are two things that people can do. They can either take the steady and slow approach with SEO or increase their budget for their PPC campaigns. At the same time, they can target keywords that have a much lower level of competition in order to rank their site much faster or run a pay-per-click campaign that fits their budget.

The Time for Study

Although anyone can learn SEO, not every individual has the time to do it right. A casual reading of blogs written by SEO services Perth companies can help people understand basic but important concepts such as the need for quality links and how to use keywords effectively. However, people should ask themselves if they know how to get quality links and what keywords to target.

Because of this, people have to devote time to studying SEO in order to learn successful strategies and apply them appropriately. This is vital because search algorithms are constantly changing. With this, people need to change their strategies quickly in order to see results.

If they do not have the time to commit themselves to learning and keeping up to date with successful SEO techniques, it is often worth it for people to investing in PPC instead. They can also hire a company to do their SEO for them and achieve positive results.


Everyone wants their company to become an instant success, but that is not going to be possible for the majority of people. Instead, they should think in more realistic terms and decide on how quickly they can reasonably achieve results. Search engine optimization is even considered a long-term play with the help of SEO services Perth.

It often takes a long time in order to give people the results that they are looking for. Once they are starting to make gains with SEO, they will obtain a more stable and comfortable position for their web presence. Pay Per Click advertisement campaigns will often achieve faster results.

This is very helpful for a small company that is just starting out, introducing a new service or product on the market or trying to turn around poor quarterly results. Although PPC can help a company obtain fast results, it is often not guaranteed. A company will get more prominent exposure for their website, but they may not obtain the click-through that they need. At the same time, they will have a solid campaign that is within their budget.

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  1. What if you combine both methods. Focus on SEO and also PPC at the beginning. Initially you can drive traffic to your new site via PPC campaigns and later you can rely 100% on your SEO to keep the traffic moving.

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