Shit Happens, But There’s an App for That

Good companies take care of their employees, no questions asked. Good companies take care of their employees not only to follow the letters of the law, but because it’s good for a business to take care of its primary capital and investment: its people.

It is a reality that accidents can and may occur at anytime, anywhere despite many safety measures being implemented. This is why insurance companies continue to thrive even in harsh economic climates. Proper documentation of these incidents is a crucial step for protecting both the employee and the company.

Incident management software

There is such a thing as incident management software. Incident management software will give you both a broad and a detailed picture of incident statistics through a properly set-up process using the appropriate safety incident report templates.
One-click wonder
With the Tracker Compliance and Policy Solution from Comindware, you get a safety incident report that is created with a click of a button. You need not be a trained programmer to be able to work with the incident management software. With its drag-and-drop simplicity and form builders, you can never go wrong. It comes built in with fields that you normally would expect and need to fill out to create a thorough and comprehensive incident report, namely:
  • incident category
  • location of the incident
  • personal data of the person/s involved in the incident
  • medical aid administered (i.e., first aid or what-have-you)
  • corrective actions to be taken
Everybody aboard?
The safety incident report gets processed through the workflow. Participants necessary in the resolution of the incident are given the necessary data and documentation from an easily consultable database. The people that would be involved in the process are:
  • the employee
  • the department supervisor
  • the health and safety service supervisor
  • the safety manager
The incident management software can provide the following for these individuals:
  • a unified standard for safety incident management
  • visibility of the entire process for everyone involved
  • a comprehensive resource for decision-making based on solid data and analytics
  • improved visibility into processes and measure to be taken to eliminate hazards that cause incidents and accidents to occur
The data is easily exportable to Microsoft Word and Excel. This feature is especially helpful if you would ever like to process the data further using functionalities not available in the online tracker. Document management is done through attachments in each of the safety incident reports.
Lists included in these reports are also viewable by way of dashboards, charts and diagrams. Active and completed incident reports are listed and organized in a logical chronology. All these data analysis techniques will help to minimize future occurrences of similar safety issues or hazards.
Incident management made easy
Incident management can be a real headache for a company. Technology these days, however, is so amazing that it can make the most complicated, mundane and tedious tasks much easier and better coordinated among different people. It results in more effective documentation as well.

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