So far, yet so near through the advancement of technology

As per Leon Kass, an American Physician, Technological innovation is indeed important to economic growth and the enhancement of human possibilities.

The advent of technological has certainly made our life easier. Today we can accomplish so many things within the comforts of our home. You can purchase a fancy phone, buy beautiful clothing, pay your bills and even order your daily grocery online. For a working parent, who is on a constant battle against time World Wide Web is a real boon. But what is truly amazing about technology is the invention of video conferencing.

Video conferencing has changed forever, the way the world interacts. People conduct business and even crack big deals through meetings via video conferencing. It offers tons of benefits particularly to parents who are away from their children due to educational or professional commitment. Talking to the child gives them immense satisfaction that their kids’ are doing fine, even if they are far-far away.

Through this article let’s understand some of the key benefits that video conference call allows:

  • A perfect medium to provide constant motivation: There are days, when your child might feel all gloomy and dull for you not being next to him. In such a scenario, studies can take a back seat and affect the overall moral and confidence of your child. While in college, children easily get swayed away and thus need constant guidance and motivation via family. In this hectic schedule, parents are mostly hard pressed for time, however much can be solved with the help of video conferencing. Even being miles away parent can very much keep in touch and discover new ways to help them tackle emotional, physiological or physical stress that forms an integral part of a students life. For example, in hours of immediate medical assistance due to sickness can leave you and your child emotionally and financially exhausted. The facility of talking to kids’ and vice-versa provides immense help, support and reassurance.


  • Helping Women manage both home and office: Work from home trend is catching up in several countries across the world. A major contributor to this trend is internet and technology. People like this work arrangement because of ability to maintain work-life balance. Especially, if you have children at home, is in important to stay at home as much as possible so as to be involved in their growing up years. Through Blue jeans video calls parent can stay connected with their offices, while continuing to work from home. This is particularly beneficial for thousands of working mums who give up their careers to raise their kids’ and look after their family. However, with so many companies offering work from home option, you can have an excellent family as well as professional growth.


  • Creates parent-teacher interaction: While kids’ are busy with their studies and you as parent are as usual running pillar to post managing home and office. It’s becomes almost impossible to in constant touch with your kids’ teacher. You may also miss out on Parent-Teacher night because of commitment at office. However, if the school administration permits, parents can have a meeting with their Child’s teacher over different video conferencing tools. It is a convenient way to keep up to date with your child’s performance in schools, particularly for parents who have a traveling job.


  • Gives you ample time even if you’re a working couple: For a working couple life is tough. He or she not only has to jostle between professional and personal commitments, but sometimes is ridden with guilt because of not having enough time to spend with each other. However, videoconferencing is a great technological tool that can help them connect. For instance, you are stuck in a very important meeting at office and cannot reach home to your spouse; you can immediately connect and have a quick chat. While a peck on the cheek is a far -far possibility, you can certainly bond via video conference and feel special and happier as a couple.

While technology has its own flip side, there’s a very humane and a sweet side which cannot be undermined. A small video conference between parent and children can make family bonds stronger. This is particularly relevant in today’s time when work can take you globally and keeping in touch with your family becomes a challenge.

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