Successful Tips For Surviving Your College Finals

College Finals

Few students enjoy the intense pressure experienced during college final exams. All that pressure increases as you scramble to concentrate on your studies and relax at exam time. If you perform poorly on the final exam, your overall grade, as well as your GPA, will drop. Since most final exams cover a semester’s worth of course material, you have a lot of ground to cover. It takes proper planning and sound time management skills to get through finals successfully. Here are some tips to help you survive your college finals.

1. Obtain Course Material

Ask your instructor about the material you need to study for the exam if he doesn’t provide the information. Find out if the exam covers only a few chapters or the entire semester. Ask about the instructor about the type of questions you should expect on the exam. For multiple choice, true/false or short answer, memorize facts. For an essay test, concentrate more on general ideas rather than specific facts. Make outlines of the course material that you need to cover.

2. Make A Schedule For Your Study

Schedule your study time several weeks before final exams. Keep track of all the final exams by marking them on your schedule. Devote a certain amount of time for each of the classes you are taking. Break down the course material so that you can cover everything without feeling overwhelmed. For example, if there are ten chapters to cover for a certain class, try to schedule one chapter for each day over the course of ten days.

3. Eliminate Distractions

Avoid time wasters as you prepare for finals. Minimize your social activities, and stay away from TV shows. Leave exercise and other activities that reduce stress, in your schedule. They are good for body and mind and will help you during this stressful time.

4. Get Active

Move around and get some physical activity. Take a brisk walk around your neighborhood or spend about an hour at the fitness center or gym. Getting some exercise is a good way to energize both your mind and body. Once your mind is energized, consider redoing problems or rewriting your notes. Rewriting keeps your brain more engaged than simply reviewing the notes. By staying active while studying, you will be able to remember more.

5. Eat A Balanced Meal

It is important that you nourish your body. Be good to yourself, and don’t study on an empty stomach. Make smart food choices and eat foods that will provide essential nutrients and sustain your body. Avoid foods that are loaded in sugar as these types of food will provide only a short or temporary burst of energy. Avoid junk-food diet as this type of food is not beneficial for you, especially during the finals week.


With the end of the semester drawing near, students must face the task of making it through the finals week. It is a stressful time that involves lots of studying. But if you plan ahead and develop a good study habit, you will be able to survive your finals without hassles. Use these survival tips to help you make the week manageable.

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