Take The Drag Out Of Your Company Event

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Many businesses regularly host corporate events because if they are planned properly they can be a real morale boost for your team of employees. Your workers spend all year working very hard for you and they deserve a reward. Sometimes this comes in the form of a party or another type of event. However, some events need to include work, but they don’t need to become boring.

Choosing the right venue and providing entertainment can help make your event fun for all involved. Whether you need to plan a holiday party or a training retreat, you can make it a good experience for your employees. Some of the ideas below will help you get your employees excited about the next event:

How to Plan a Fun and Productive Event

1. Understand the Type of Event

If the company outing you’re planning is to celebrate the holidays or to reward your employees for a great year, don’t include anything work related. The only time you should even mention work, during a party or celebration of sorts, is when the CEO or owner gives a short speech and thanks all the employees for all their hard work. Celebrations should always include families of your workers and they should also include fun games, food and drink.

However, if you’re planning a training retreat or any other type of event that includes work, you cannot just provide fun and entertainment. Sometimes you must provide travel for your employees to get everybody in a central location. Once they’ve arrived, you need to find a balance of work and fun. If the event becomes all work, those attending won’t enjoy it and they will return to work tired from traveling. If you can schedule entertainment or a chance for relaxation between work, it will provide many benefits for both the company and the employees.

2. Entertainment

It doesn’t matter what type of event you plan, entertainment is necessary. If your workers will go through 8-hour training during the day, you can provide entertainment at night or to split up the training. Sending everybody to a comedy show, sporting event or another type of show can help them relax after a long day of training. It will also help show how much you appreciate their hard work to gain the new skills the training provides.

Events without any training should be all about entertainment. If the event is for both children and adults make sure the entertainment choices are family friendly. However, if you are planning a holiday party for just the adults, you can provide an open bar, karaoke or other types of entertainment more suited for adults.

3.  Venue

Choosing a venue makes a difference, as well. If you host a training event at a resort with a spa, golf course, swimming pools and other vacation related activities, your employees can really enjoy their down time. You don’t want them to just hang out in their rooms or find a local bar. It should be all-inclusive and even giving those choices between different fun activities can provide an event they will look forward to this year.

Large corporate outings in the summer can be held outside as a picnic or as a cook out. Parks are great for family events because you can bring in entertainment options and the park itself will provide some entertainment choices, as well. Other great options for family fun events include, theme parks, water parks and sports outings.

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