How To Target Social Bookmarking Sites For Traffic

Why social bookmarking is popular

Social bookmarking has been there for a long time, but it is only recently that the social bookmarking sites have gained in popularity. The reason for the increased popularity is generally due to the increase of social activity in the internet. Another contributor to the increased popularity of social bookmarking is the emergence of new sites for social bookmarking that are unique and that are a lot different to the earlier social bookmarking sites. The new interface and the new method of social bookmarking have greatly influenced people to adopt social bookmarking. The usage of tags as in other popular social networking sites has proven to be a right move as the social bookmark sites are now looped with the social networking sites. This has helped in drawing more users to social bookmarking sites. These factors have led to the increase in popularity of these sites and people are now flocking the sites to increase their online presence in the social network.


  • Backlinks are considered the biggest source for drawing traffic to a website for people who do not have the money to spend on a big advertising campaign.
  • For such people placing backlinks in other sites that allow backlinks is the way to generate traffic to their website so that they can increase their page rankings.
  • Search engines will not index websites that are very poor in page ranking and therefore to be displayed in the search engine results, a website has to have a decent page rank.
  • To achieve page rank, traffic is required and if the traffic is from sites that are ranked higher than the destination site, then the weighting given to those links are more when compared to normal backlinks.

Targeting social bookmarking sites

The reason why people are targeting social bookmarking sites for traffic is mainly to get most of the quality traffic that these social bookmark sites have to offer before other competitors do so. The ways backlinks are posted in these sites are a lot different to normal backlinks and therefore there is some planning that is required to get the most out of the backlinks that are posted in these sites. The users of such sites are very sensitive and clever and therefore you cannot use normal spamming methods to generate traffic. The more open and straight forward you are in these sites, the better as it will help you to gain friends who will help you in promoting your website, provided it is a good one.

How do tags work in social bookmarking sites?

Tags or Meta tags in the social bookmark sites is similar to the keywords that are used for search engine optimization. Keywords are used to define the content in the webpage and in these sites; the tags are used in order to inform other users of the content of the website. Tags that are generated in social bookmarking sites are similar to the ones that are used in social networking sites and therefore a link cam be established between the social sites too.

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