Telephone Marketing On The Move – 3 Top Tips

Developing leads for businesses has become increasingly difficult over the last few years. The main problem that most companies have is that they are simply not unique. This is not surprising, considering the fact that there are thousands of businesses offering the same products and/or services. Telemarketing is still a great way to develop leads, a method that has been proven to work. That being said, some business owners travel a lot, which means they generally do not have the time to make these calls. Or do they? Telemarketing on the move is ideal, as it makes use of time that would otherwise be wasted.

#1 Get the Right Phone Contract

Mobile phones are fairly cheap when a monthly contract is agreed. The reality is that a phone with unlimited minutes and texts could be as little as £50 per month. Don’t scrimp and try and save small amounts of cash. You’ll end up saving £10 initially, only to find that you are paying £40 or more in charges because you have gone over your usage allowance. Get a large contract package, so that you are not worrying about the amount of minutes that you are using. This gives you unlimited potential in terms of the amount of potential clients that you will be able to call.

#2 Target The Right People

There is no point ringing any old customer. If your business is web design, then you need to find customers that need a website designing. This is going to be people that do not have a website, or those that have one with a very basic design. Do some background research so that you can persuade the client to part with their cash. Without research, you are definitely going to be fighting a losing battle. The potential consumer will quickly become bored of your sales chatter. They want to know what you offer and why they need it. Of course, they want to know how much it is as well! Targeting a marketing campaign will mean that this is a campaign that works. If you do not target marketing campaign then you will be wasting two things; time and money. This is something that no business can afford to be wasting!

#3 Split Testing

After doing some basic background research, there are ways to boost your sales considerably. The reality is that not all marketing campaigns work. Just because a campaign does not work, does not mean that the method of marketing does not work. So just because your sales calls have not been working to date, does not mean that this method will not work. Fine tune your sales call and log the results. You will find that different clients react differently to money saving offers and package deals. Over time, you will become accustomed to which customers are going to respond to which types of sales call. This will ensure that your conversion rate in comparison to cost, is the very best that it can be!

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