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7 Responses

  1. I just rediscovered Riches Corner. Love it. I love to write and only recently began exploring the possibilities of blogging. Riches Corner articles are tight and very well-written. Love it and want more!!!!

    1. Hi Jeff,
      Welcome back to Riches Corner! I'm glad you rediscovered us. I will continue to write and give you more, so keep coming back! 🙂

  2. Starting with the term "riches," and the many cool ads and social buttons, your site makes no bones that it's committed to monetization and social connection. 🙂 I don't subscribe to many newsletters so you can be assured that you write well. Mostly, your content tells me you know your stuff.
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  3. Hi ,, inspired me so much i decided to follow this blog, got the domian, now i am trying to install wordpress , but i get the following error ,, PHP not running or not installed , can you offer any help ?__K_

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