The Benefits Of Home Network Installation

Networked computer and printers etc., were once the exclusive preserve of the office environment. Increasingly, however, families are seeing more than one computer adorn their home, from desk top PCs through to laptops and tablets. But, why buy a printer for every piece of computing hardwear when you can install a reliable network at home? Even better, from greater flexibility you can have the networked wired or wireless.

But are there benefits or is it just another wasted exercise, installing wires and cables to find the connection from PCs, laptops and other computing hardwear intermittent and unreliable?

The benefits…

  • File sharing – there are several online versions where you can store and share documents but if you want greater flexibility offline amongst computers in your home, then a network is the answer. No matter where you are sat or at which machine, you can access photos, music files and documents. But don’t forget backups, the oft-forgotten essential of a home network
  • Printer sharing – there is nothing worse that working on an important document, to have the teenager of the household demand access for “a minute” to print off copious amounts of homework. A great and very welcomed advantage is the ability to access the printer, no matter which machine you are working on, negating the need to bounce from one machine to another.
  • Better internet access – as part of the installation process of a home network, the access to Internet is looked, making sure that even when everyone is online, the speed stays the same (or doesn’t slow to a crawl at least)
  • Home entertainment – there are also many programmes and exclusive airings of cult shows and films these days on the internet, that a home network means that you can access these, from whichever room you want. It really does open a whole new world of flexibility.
  • Gaming – add another dimension to gaming by playing family and friends in the house, with networked machines!

All the above benefits come with both wired and wireless home networks, but here at Master Av Services that despite the addition of increased flexibility, that some households necessitate more – and this is where a wireless network comes into its own.

Take a look at some additional benefits of a wireless home network;

  • Mobility – very few of us have machines that are stuck in one place; we carry around laptop, tablets and notebooks these days, meaning we can work or play wherever we want in the house. Wireless home networks allow for you do what you want, where you want.
  • Wiring – the biggest bug-bear of wired networks is literally the cables and wires; substantial networks within a larger property can have metre upon metre of cabling, all of which needs hiding or disguising. With a wireless network, this is not an issue.
  • The way forward – there is no doubt that wireless connectivity is here to stay. In its early days, people bemoaned the intermittent signal, falling back on the safer option of plugging the network cable in; no more is this the case! Wireless is now far more sophisticated with even better reliability.
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