The Best Investment Options for 2013

Gold, equity, bonds shares and more! There are so many options when you consider investment. Many people make the mistake saving for investments. Investment is all about trying to increase or double your money. Though there are multiple saving schemes available in banks, they don’t provide many investment choices. With the US economy stabilizing, many are looking out to make more money. Where can you commit your money? What are the sure-fire ways? Here are a few investment options for 2013:

Precious metal:

Have you seen the demand for gold and silver over the years? People are investing more money on gold. Analysts have predicted that the prices of precious metal especially gold will climb up for the next 12 months and then fall after the global economy stabilizes. However, the market is providing a profitable and sound investment options.

However, very few notice the rapid increase in prices for silver. In fact, prices have shot up more than gold.  It has gone up by 600% in the last decade. Though the metal is still considered a poor man’s gold, the scenario is set to change in 2013. The next twelve months are just the right time to make an investment in this thriving market.


It is a sure-fire way of earning good money. Property is one of the most effective asserts providing excellent returns. However, it depends on the kind of property you buy. If you have the budget, go for lands, buildings and individual homes. Land is always going to have value. You can buy a place and give it for rent. There are a lot of people who have made a ‘career’ out of this. They buy a few properties and earn through rents these places provide. Not just an investment, you also get a place to live once you retire.

Stock and trade:

If you are not looking only for safe investment options, you can consider stock and trade. It is widely considered as a ‘risky’ option. You either get a lot of money or go down the drain. If you hit the jackpot, you get a lot! There are a few long-term trading options. The returns in these are less compared to the short-term trading. You can invest on anything, from cardamom to petroleum. You have to let go of your money once you invest in stock and shares. As I said, it is either win big or lose all!

With the economies rising again, there are more options available. It is always a wise option to invest instead of keeping your money stagnant in a bank. It is always nice to make more money and investment is an excellent path to take. It also safeguards your future. Losing a job or wanting to go on expensive holiday will not cut a deep hole on your monthly finances when you invest. You can go for long-term investment plans where you see returns after a couple of years. Or, there are short-term plans that range between mere hours to six months.

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  1. I prefer investing in stocks for long run. It gives me comparitively good return than savings or Fixed deposits. Stock investment has its own negative points but with proper stock analysis we can reduce the chances of loss.

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