The Link between SEO and Web Design

In the beginning, there has been a distinct link between SEO and web design. Web design is more than just the design of a web page, presentation, graphics, videos, etc. It encompasses many skills and discipline in order to produce a much compelling and interesting website. But as with the new SEO, design is no longer an issue. As long as it adheres to the Google’s standards, the design is only secondary. What is primary is ‘the content.’

But web design was not eliminated completely in the face of search engine optimization. Webmasters still needed to create nice, compelling and interactive website templates and optimize it through SEO. It does not only focus on what we see on the outside but also it focuses on the design interface, authoring and standardized code, which is a very crucial framework for a website to go live.

Web Design Vs. SEO

This is a common fight. Which is more important, web design or SEO? We have been seeing this happening for a while and it’s not going to end any soon. Unless, both sides realize that they need to get along because clients or website owners do not give a damn about their altercation and what they are interested about is their ‘website’s great appearance, usability, findability and it ranks very well in the search engines.’ So, they need both. Not just web design alone or SEO alone to rank their websites. They also need excellent appearance or design of their web pages.

The Origin of the ‘Link’

Web developers claim that search rankings are not everything, that SEO use aggressive tactics to increase the rankings and boost traffic of many websites. On the other hand, SEO also claims that web design often make the situation difficult because of their poor coding, or have little or no knowledge in SEO. Hence, neither content nor design is everything. Other things do matter as well in making a website more user friendly and search engine friendly.

“It’s no longer about web design and SEO. It is about user-friendliness and search engine-friendliness.”

In order for a website to rank better and attract traffic more, they must have “both” user-friendliness and search engine-friendliness trait. When one is lacking, any website will never become as successful online. The duty of the web designers or developers is to create a user-friendly website and that includes everything under the hood, the code, the design and maintenance. While SEO works on everything relating to making a website or web page visible and searchable on the search pages. They employ many SEO techniques just to get the website visible on the top page.

How Web Design Works?

Web design develops everything not just the appearance. It encodes HTML, XML, sitemap of a website, maintains the web, making it interactive with videos, livechat as a 24/7 customer support and many more. It develops everything in a website, from zero to finish.

How SEO Works?

Because of its popularity, it is no longer very difficult to explain SEO to people. It is simply a strategy that optimizes and increases the organic ranking of a website through the search keywords or phrases that their customers or clients often used to search items relating to their products or services offered. The role of SEO is to make that website visible, searchable and findable on the web. Because without SEO, no matter how beautiful and impressive a website will be, it will never show up in the search results.

A well-designed website without SEO is dead. Too much SEO works and strategies without excellent coding and web design is also dead. Hence, web design and SEO both need each other to achieve client’s best interests and to make their website visible, satisfying and compelling to many visitors, buyers and users.

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