The New Way of Doing Business : Are You Up to Date?

Businesses today are vying for the attention of consumers in order to engage them and inspire purchases of their products and services. Professionals like understand that the stakes have become increasingly higher, given the exploding popularity of record breaking sales on e-commerce sites that offer holiday sales like Black Friday and Cyber Monday. This is why online marketing is such a critical aspect for every company, regardless of what they offer or their size.

Advertising Budgets

While online marketing has grown in popularity enormously over the past decade, big box retailers have found a well spring of potential consumers to court on a regular basis. Once the holidays hit, larger businesses step up their game and expand their advertising budgets. However, there are a number of tactics that smaller businesses can use to gain more attention over the holidays and during all other times, such as those outlined below.
1. Engaging Customers

The number one priority for online marketing is to consistently attract the target audience. Statistics have shown that more consumers have gravitated to the online environment in the following areas:
a. Approximately 22 percent of consumers spend time on social networks
b. Around 21 percent of potential customers use search engines regularly
c. Nearly 20 percent of buyers engage with content online
d. 19 percent of consumers send regular emails
e. 13 percent of potential buyers participate in online for entertainment
f. At least 5 percent regularly make online purchases online
The above estimates are rising each day, particularly as people embrace using their mobile devices to find local products and services.
2. Content Marketing

Businesses are continually searching for ways to engage potential customers. One of the best ways to go about this is to create and provide the most unique and useful content possible. This is accomplished by adapting messages according to varied communication channels. For instance, the Facebook market may be more youthful, sociable, fun and cutting edge, while the LinkedIn environment would do better with more informative and professional content.
3. Make It Visual

Visual marketing and advertising is a very effective method to connect with the public. Images have the ability to become instantly recognizable. When customers don’t have to read through paragraphs of text, they are more likely to review what is offered so that they can make a quick decision.
4. Web Page Optimization

The techniques of content marketing can be greatly boosted by attending to aspects that will amplify and encourage organic search. Improving SEO so that web pages appear in local search results will make the company more visible for the growing mobile markets. Therefore, optimizing web pages to make products and services more easily accessible for potential customers is essential.
5. Social Times

Social Network Profiles must be up to date and freshly adjusted so that buyers will find the website in the social engines. This is why new, useful content should be added on a continual basis. Otherwise, the site will get lost in the online forest. Statistics have shown that around 85 percent of consumers regularly use search engines to find local companies. Since 65 percent of small businesses do not have websites, they are missing out on enormous sales opportunities.
Social Media Outlets should be used to link to fresh, new content to help spread the word about a company’s discounts, promotions and other exclusive and special offers. This is particularly effective before, during and after the holiday season, since consumers are all looking for the best bargains.

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