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google plusThe social media site created by and for Google, Google+, is relatively new but offers great promise. Google+ already has over 500 million users, and is an excellent way to begin building business for your brand, as it is fully integrated with Google’s other products, such as Gmail and YouTube. Google+ business accounts also benefit from getting a leg up in Google searches.

1. Be Personal

When interacting on any social media site, it is essential to be authentic and personal. This is especially important when writing a description of your brand. This description will show up in search engine results, so you want it to be informative, keyword optimized and attention grabbing.

2. Consider Your Posts

Google+ is not like Facebook or Twitter. It is more used as a news source and a professional network rather than a personal outlet. Perhaps consider it placed somewhere between Facebook and LinkedIn. It is important to consider carefully the content you put on your Google+ profile because of this professionalism.

3. Incorporate Photos

At the top of the main page on Google+, you can add photos, which attract the attention of customers, to specific products or services. Curate an interesting and engaging selection of photos to show off your brand.

4. Share, Share, Share

Extend Share is a program for Google Chrome users that gives you the option to share your posts from Google+ to all your other social media profiles. This enables you to spread your message easily through different channels.

It is highly recommended to always attach an image to your Google+ shares to catch attention of your potential consumers. Goolge+ has created a fantastic image upload facility, perhaps even suppressing in a small way that of Facebook image facilities.

5. Use Sparks

You can find out what is trending by searching with keywords using the Sparks feature. This  enables you to post key trends on your Google+ page, which will establish your business as an expert and build social capital.

6. Hang out

Hang out with your customers through Google Hangouts – a service that allows you to have video chats or webinars with anyone. You can have a Hangout about your business or something more broadly related to your industry. Many well-known people have held a Google Hangouts, including Desmond Tutu and the Dalai Lama.

7. Look Around

Google+ is great for promoting your own brand, but checking out other company’s profiles is equally important. This helps your business to interact with others, attract new followers and boost your brand’s visibility.

Google+ is a great way to interact with customers. The amount of features being added to Google+ means that checking into your Google+ account regularly is important. Focus on the using the benefits of Google+ to enhance your brand in a unique fashion. What works for others might not work for you.

Consider this, your network impact on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, or Pinterest doesn’t extend beyond those social media domains. On Google+ your network extends beyond itself, it extends across all Google properties such Reviews, Maps, Chrome, Ads, YouTube and so on.

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