The Web’s Best Alternative Search Engines Your SEO Is Getting You On

Google has basically defined the Internet experience for most of the world’s population.
And you might think that your SEO is all for Google – we’ve got news, Perth.
Because we have been on a treasure hunt through some of the webs best alternative search engines, and our Perth SEO expert consultant is loving the change in scenery. Scroll down to see the search engines that you’re missing out on.

From a marketing perspective, Google is fantastic. But sometimes we’re the consumers too, and sometimes we don’t want the search engines to track our data. DuckDuckGo doesn’t track or store any information about you, and the results won’t be affected by your personal information. This could make your search results less relevant, but for some this is a small price to pay for privacy.

This is the Russian equivalent of Google, so if your product or service is targeted to a Russian consumer base then this is the search engine to investigate.


Ecosia takes the ad revenue that they generate, and use it to plant a tree every time you search! New favourite search engine? Yep, me too.

Similar to DuckDuckGo, this site doesn’t bother retaining your data or using cookies. You can set search preferences to refine your results, but these will be wiped after 90 days and you can go back to the shadows of the web.

Like Yandex to Russia, Baidu is China’s dominant search engine. Want to tap into the Chinese market? This is your search engine!

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