Three simple things you can do to save money

It doesn’t matter what your salary is, most of us struggle to save as much money as we would like. The truth is that when it’s done well, saving money needn’t necessitate a lowering in our quality of life. Rather than going without, saving money is a simple question of staying on top of our finances as best we can.

Here, we take a look at several simple tricks which can make it easier for you to stay in charge of your finances and save more money than you perhaps thought possible. And all without making compromises.

Understand your current situation

Too many of us simply do not know how much we earn and spend or what our money is actually spent on. The very first step anyone should take on the quest to improving their finances is to outline and understand their current financial situation.

This is done by simply gathering all information pertaining to both income and expenditure in one place. You should categorise your outgoings to understand how much of your money is spent on utilities, entertainment, holidays and so on. This will put you in a far better place to understand where potential savings could be made.

Understand your tax

Not only must you be fully aware of the amount of tax you are paying but you should take all possible steps to ensure your aren’t paying more than your fair share.

The complexities of taxation can often call for the help of a local professional but how do you find one? As with most things these days, internet searches yield plenty of viable results and simply searching for tax advice and your location can be all you need to do.

One of the best results we found when completing a search for Ipswich was for a firm called Ensors. Ensors provide tax advice in Ipswich for those who need it and we were really impressed by the amount of information and advice published on their website.

Speaking with professionals will place you in a better situation to understand the options that are open to you and recognise whether there are any areas where you could save money while still paying the appropriate tax on your earnings. We found their research when conducting a quick search on chartered accountants in the local area which is always a good place to start.

Cut out unnecessary costs

When people think about saving money they typically think about giving up the things they enjoy. Most of the time, this simply is not necessary.

The first action you should take it to evaluate what you are spending money on. Utilities such as water and electricity are often big drains on our finances but you could be spending more money than necessary on these services. To determine if this is the case, you need to evaluate how much energy you use against what you pay for it. By comparing tariffs and providers you could find a cheaper deal elsewhere, making switching providers a potentially lucrative step.

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