Top 10 Web Applications useful for PhD Students

The Dissertation or Doctoral Thesis is the final requirement for completing the doctoral study. The real struggle of completing the PhD dissertation is not only writing flawlessly but there are several other factors that all together make the research paper a success. The PhD students often get confused on how to organize their schedule, where to start, how to write and properly reference their work. With dissertation writing services to help them out, students still put a lot of time and efforts in completing their dissertation on time. So, today we have brought top 10 web applications that can make your dissertation writing process stress-free.

1.  MyStudyLife

Do you often forget your assignment submission deadline? MyStudyLife is a cross-platform application that can help you organize your academic life in minutes. You can schedule your tasks, lectures and assignment deadlines, set reminders and access your data anywhere with this application. With a simple interface, this app includes a lot of useful features that your traditional calendar app might not have. Well, it’s the time to say goodbye to your paper planner and get digitized with MyStudyLife.

2. Pocket

An application beyond the bookmarks – Pocket enables you to read your bookmarked items later. Many times we come across things, blogs, websites or articles that we want to explore but we do not have that much time to do it right away. In a single click, you can add images, articles and videos to your Pocket app. It would display all your saved items in an easy to understand grid view. It provides a distraction-free reading as it crops out all the extra elements of a webpage. Share, archive or save as favourite all your important stuff easily with Pocket.

3. Focus Booster

Do you want to increase your productivity? Focus Booster is an app based on Pomodoro technique which allows you to manage all your distractions and maintain your focus. You can set your focus periods and break times easily with this app. It will automatically record your Pomodoro sessions. Its well-designed and simple dashboard helps you in tracking your progress. Take note, there isn’t any pause button so there isn’t a chance of getting distracted at all.

4. Mendeley

We know the amount of research a PhD student has to conduct. This web application can help you store and share your data. You can organize and cite all your research from this platform. Its easy-to-manage library can store all your data sets. Not only this, you can connect with other researchers, share and discover new ideas easily with this application. It is indeed a great dissertation help, something more than a research assistant for the aspiring researchers.

6. Paperity

Connect with the authors, readers and explore new discoveries quickly at Paperity. Nowadays when the world is demanding innovation, scholars need to think out of the box and for that, they need to access a wide range of topics from different disciplines. Paperity gives you this opportunity. You can access thousands of journals of every discipline whether it is science, technology, humanities, arts or social science. Also, it collects detailed information about every document included in this platform to maintain the integrity and originality of the work.

6. MindMup

Ideas! Idea! Ideas! Your mind might sometimes be bombarded with so many things while you conduct your research. An easy way to connect and relate all these ideas is to create a mind map and an easy application that lets you create and share those mind maps is – MindMup. You can create mind maps for free; store them in the cloud or publish them to social networks. Not only this, it is an evolutionary platform that allows you to work in teams, plan things collaboratively, attach and structurize your documents.

7. Evernote

No more mess! This app can help you organize your PHD to a whole new level. Whether you want to take notes of your meetings, keep images and photos of your lecture notes, manage all your ‘read it later’ links and information or organize your tasks, Evernote can handle it all. Also, with its simple text editor, you can make different notebooks and write your articles without worrying about formatting. You can also use it as an audio recorder and record your meetings and lectures very easily.

8. OmmWriter

Let’s dive into some serious writing now. OmmWriter is an app with which you can do some distraction-free writing. It blocks all the notifications from your screen so that nothing can hamper your creativity. Its minimalist design with audio tracks and natural backgrounds allows you to focus just on your writing. You can create your own ideal setting by selecting an environment, music and typeface of your own choice. Discover the writer within you and build your flawless dissertation with OmmWriter.

9. Grammarly

After all the writing it’s time to put some efforts in improving the quality of your dissertation. Grammatical errors, typography faults, misplaced punctuation and spelling mistakes can immensely affect the quality of your dissertation and its readability. Grammarly can help you edit and proofread your dissertation in no time. It would highlight the errors in your writing and would also provide a correct explanation of the problem. You can even look out for plagiarism issues if any.

10. CiteThisForMe

You can provide legitimacy to your paper by citing the references properly. But doing this might take up a lot of time. CiteThisForMe is a free tool that would help you in putting all those references in an order. Just add your reference (website, journal, article or book), choose your citation style and generate your Bibliography entry. You can add all your references and download the final file as a simple word document. A super-easy way to cite all your references, isn’t it?

Your PhD dissertation should connect the academic concepts to the real world. Writing a dissertation is indeed a daunting task to accomplish on your own but, it isn’t something impossible. These tools would not only make this process smooth but would also help you in improving your writing and research skills. Now, we hope that you are all set to make a creative contribution to your field of study and demonstrate your expertise.

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