Top 3 Credit Cards for Studying Abroad

There are two major hurdles when one is going to the overseas to fulfill their higher study ambitions. One is making sure that you have everything in place right until your documents and other is to make sure you have enough money on your hands to take care of your daily living, studying and expenses in the foreign land. It does not just stop at having money but you have to make sure you have enough foreign currency exchange as you are in a foreign land. You must have a system in place where you can easily get money transferred from your parents without any hiccups as you could be in urgent need of cash like paying your fees, managing your expenses, or paying your rent. This is where the need for credit cards for studying abroad comes more than handy.

First up is the Axis Bank ISIC Forex Card – The Axis Bank International Students Identity Card Forex Card is accepted all over the world and is issued to any full time student studying in a recognized university, or approved by the ministry of education or if you are associated with a reputed student organization.

• Is accepted in over 120 countries and by the UNESCO
• Also used as Travel currency card
• You can get a maximum withdrawal of US$ 100,000 or €73427 or £61140 (approximately)
• Can shop online, withdraw cash or use at 34 million merchants

ICICI Bank Student Travel Card

Right from paying your application fees, university fees, shopping, cash withdrawal and online transactions, the ICICI bank student travel card also doubles as an International Student Identity Card (ISIC).

• Can use at 1.5 million MasterCard ATMs and affiliated outlets
• Get discount offers and destination offers
• Instant replacement card
• Also includes travel insurance coverage

HDFC Forex Plus Card

The HDFC Forex Plus Card gives you the dual safety instead of carrying currency and from the variations of the currency markets. The card is available to students and for host of others including for medical treatment, employment, immigration or business travel.

• Students get up to USD $100,000.00 per academic year withdrawal limit
• Can transact in up to ten different currencies
• Available in both Visa and Master card options
• Get insurance, loss of luggage and passport reconstruction coverage

Apart from these you also have other options to choose from:

SBI Student Plus Advantage Card

The SBI Student Plus Advantage Card is accepted all over the world across 24 million outlets and also useful in 3,25,000 outlets in India. With up to 50 days credit facility and 2.25 percent you can use the card at 1 million VISA/MasterCard ATM in the world.

• Eighty percent cash withdrawal limit
• Flexible payment options including payment of minimum amount due
• Can also pay bills, book rail tickets and get alerts on your mobile phone
• Extended credit option
• 24-hr customer service

You can also buy the credit cards for studying abroad once you reach your destination

Apart from these you also have the option to buy the student credit cards once you reach the destination. So just make sure that you have a good amount of foreign cash reserve and make sure that the university accepts your credit card along and make sure to check with the usual details like low interest rates, no hidden costs and universal acceptance etc.

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