Top 5 Business Blogs And The Key To Their Success

Operating a successful business blog requires a lot of dedication, and a little bit of ingenuity. Just as the product they offer may be unique and specialized, so, too, should be the approach by which they target their prospective audience. Some require a more straightforward, business-like approach, while others have found that a casual, down-to-earth feel works better. Listed below are 5 of the top business blogs and what has made them such a successful.

Sweet Leaf Tea

Sweet Leaf Tea blog shed its 9-to-5 business-suit persona in favor of a more down home feel which has proven very attractive to their target audience. Sweet Leaf Tea’s employees are even featured on its blog in casual dress and sharing personal info such as nicknames and interests.

Positives for Sweet Leaf Tea:

1. Informal

2. Openness

3. Family

Stonyfield Farm

Specializing in organic dairy products, Stonyfield Farms’ blog exudes healthy living. The backdrop for the blog’s home page is, of course, a farm. In addition, pictures of farm families and articles about healthy living are prominently featured.

Positives for Stonyfield Farms:

1. Healthy living

2. Family

3. Nature

Pioneer Woman

Pioneer Woman is a blog that focuses on lifestyle. Ree Drummond, the blog’s creator, uses it to spotlight a variety of her projects, including her cookbook and photography. The secret to Ree Drummond’s success lies in her ability to connect with people.

Positives for Pioneer Woman:

1. Warmth

2. Homeliness

3. Caring


Being a blog that is all about business, Citrix uses the formal approach to connect with its target audience. Nevertheless, Citrix’ is still a little unorthodox in that they’ve chosen to focus attention on target audience’s needs, rather than the blog’s administrators.

Positives for Citrix:

1. Consumer Centered

2. Branding

3. Content

Danny Brown

As a business consultant, quite naturally Danny Brown would use a formal approach. However, Brown still manages to add a personal touch by using words that evoke a sense of partnership. Brown also cleverly uses brief snippets with a “read more” link to entice his target audience to venture deeper into his blog. Another interesting aspect of Brown’s blog is the sidebar that floats with the page as the reader scrolls, making it easier to share content.

Danny Brown’s positives:

1. Personable

2. Shrewdness

3. Interactive

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